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        So my normal o2 stat at rest is between 90 and 93. I don’t exercise much aside from riding my horse which isn’t much cardio. Lately I’ve been doing ab workout like crunches and I get out of breath so easy. My o2 stat after 30 crunches (less than two minutes) was 83. It took probably 5 minutes or less to go back up to 90 but it was kind of discouraging because ab workouts aren’t that straining on the heart. What do you think?

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        @libby something that I have learned the hard way is that doing exercises that constrict my ability to breathe and have an effect on the space in my body to expand my lungs (like exercises done while laying flat or even push up position) really reduces what I’m able to take in for oxygen. I hope that makes sense. I have learned that sometimes when my symptoms are worse it is positional. This includes sex too. (I know, sometimes this is a hard topic to discuss) . But pay attention to when you feel more out of breath and the positions you are in. If it is constricting you ability to expand your lungs properly then it probably isn’t the best for you. On Youtube they have some good videos for standing ab exercises. These are WAY better and easier on the breathing than the laying down ones !

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