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      Colleen Steele

        Are you a PH patient over 70 or know someone who is in which transplant remains an option?

        Forum member @amit-ramsinghani recently asked on behalf of his mom, “Has anyone done a lung transplant at 74 years old female or older?”.

        Please share if you are in this age group and your doctor has mentioned that a transplant is an option.

        If you know someone who has received a transplant in their later years and is not a forum member, please ask them if they would consider joining.

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        Jen Cueva

          Hi @amit-ramsinghani, I know a lady who has PF, not PH, and had her lung transplant at 68. She did not have any other coexisting health complications, and her team thought she was a good candidate, so she had it, and it is now 3 years post-single lung transplant. She has other issues, of course, from post-transplant and antirejection medications, but she is doing reasonably well.

          I know this most often depends on the transplant centers and their guidelines and the patient’s overall condition. For example, I found this information on UCSF’s transplant eligibility site. They share that this is not always the person’s chronological age but a physical condition. You can read it using the link below.

          UCSF Lung Tranplant Eligibility

          I hope this helps and that maybe others who have been through transplants at different centers will be more knowledgeable. How about it @exjarhead57730 and @bill-jones? What did your transplant centers tell you as far as age? How are you both doing post-transplant?

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