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      Hey everyone! I hope all is well! My Pulmonologist has decided to put me on a device called Life2000? She said it will be able to provide more oxygen. Is anyone using this? Is it helpful? What are the pros and cons? Is it comfortable? If anyone can help I would appreciate it! Currently I am bed bound and just sitting I use 15L. So I am hoping to be able to get out of bed while using this? đź’ś

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @shannon4jk, I am sorry, I did not see this before posting asking how you are doing on the COVID topic.

      I have not used this, but I did find these YouTube videos about this specific ventilation device. They have several different ones. I am guessing this is to help you better as you are on 15 liters. Have you been in bed since your COVID diagnosis? I can imagine that you must be weak.

      As you do get up to move a little, please take it slow as you build up some strength. I look forward to hearing more about this and you getting out of bed some.

      Life 2000 YouTube

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        Hey Jen! How are you doing? Regarding Covid I am ok. I was lucky and didn’t get it that bad. It was awful going through it. My youngest two kids are still having some problems. My daughter has never full gained her appetite back and keeps dropping less then 100 pounds and she is 20 , so they are keeping a close eye on her. My son has never stopped coughing since having Covid and is still receiving treatment and looking for more answers. But my health in general has rapidly declined. Due to PH and ILD along with Autoimmune Diseases. I am hanging on for my first Grandson to be born soon. I am excited for that. And just taking it day by day. Like I tell my family not everyone gets to live to be old, that’s just not how life works! Thank you for reminding me about YouTube! I always forget about that! I spoke to someone who uses the Life2000 and he had nothing good to say! Lol but at this time it’s my next step. I have to keep breathing! I hope your doing well and are recovering from Covid.

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          Jen Cueva

          Thank you, @shannon4jk. I am sorry to hear that your daughter is still having issues with weight loss. I am slowly getting some appetite back, but I ate like a toddler before COVID, too. My hubby also still has that nagging cough; it is worse after he eats. Strange, I know!

          Please keep us posted; when is that grandson due now? You can do this. I bet that little one will melt your heart. I am excited for you.

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      Mendo Bruce

      While I haven’t used it, I did have the device recommended to me as a way to increase my exercise tolerance. My oxygen requirements aren’t as great as yours (4-5lpm w/exertion) and my main limitation is hyperinflation/air-trapping.

      A respiratory therapist considered one of the top COPD experts made this recommendation but unfortunately, medicare would not approve it for me unless my PaCO2 was the cause. I do not quite have a high enough level yet.

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      Colleen Steele

      This is interesting. I never heard of this device. I’m following the topic and learning.

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