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      Randolph Reynolds


      What are the statistics of men who have PAH? How about the percentage of men with CTEPH that are contributors to pulmonary hypertension news? Where I live I only know of one woman with this disease but she has a different type of PAH than mine and is not on supplemental oxygen. My mental stability is helped by friends who take me out to eat, even in this time of Covid 19. I wonder if I am alone in being the only former fighter pilot who lives with this disease.

      Just thought I’d stick this here.


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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @ripple76, I apologize because we missed this post. I did find this about sex differences in PH

      I am grateful that your friends take you out to get some normalcy. When you mention PH News contributors, are you referring to the forums or overall? Once you confirm the details, I can look into this more.

      Every time I read about your pilot background, I think of adventure. I bet retiring was a big impact on your mental health. Again, my apologies as this was missed when you posted.

      I hope that you are hanging in and staying well, Randy.

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      Randolph Reynolds

      Hi Jen
      Thanks for the note. Yes it was a major impact after all those years flying. Some of my friends who were pilots have managed to adjust, as we all have. Because of the Covid mess my friends are hunkered down and we have not been out together since things peaked in Arizona in December. It is hard not to have good interface with my contemporaries but we say linked through email. I’ve got to get on the forum to have my email address changed.


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      Colleen Steele

      @ripple76 I’m so grateful Jen caught this. You posted this in November when unfortunately we couldn’t comment due to maintenance. We talked a bit about this through direct messaging but I meant to address it again in the forums. I’m sorry I missed it.

      It’s always good to hear from you. Have you been doing anymore writing? Any thoughts about publishing another book?

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @ripple76,
      I can only imagine just how that impacted you. I am happy that you and your friends connect via email. But, I know, like all of us, y’all are ready to get out again with friends and family.

      Take care and pop in a little more often. What are you doing with all of this free time?

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      Randolph Reynolds

      I think the impact of the virus on our collective mental states is doing a lot of damage. Just the insecurity of getting the vaccinations is raising anxieties. In our county they have run out of vaccine. No one knows when more will be available. My wife and I have our first vaccinations but what will be the status in two weeks?

      I have to admit I have become addicted to emails and every day hope that a friend will start up a discussion. As to what I am doing in my “free time”, in the last two months I wrote a prequel to my memoir that came out three years ago. I have finished eleven courses on line with Hillsdale College since the pandemic hit. I also have access to The Great Courses but in both cases I am running out of interesting subjects. I don’t count physical therapy as something I do in free time. I have done a lot of reading. It began with my favorite subjects of air combat in WWI and WWII then I went to mystery stories and a few other books. I’m more academically inclined that I was when I first retired.

      I have a favor to ask: I cannot get PAH News (BioNews) to change my email address. Doing it on line didn’t work. I tried calling but got no return. Can you make that happen? The address is [email protected]
      Thanks and keep up the good communication.

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      V.R. Peterson

      @ripple76, my son has CTEPH. He had PTE surgery in 2017 at UCSD (San Diego), and about a year later, he had two BPAs. I’ve learned quite a bit about CTEPH and men from watching my son. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m not sure if it’s allowed, but I’d also like to put in a plug for PHA’s CTEPH group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PHACTEPH/). There are almost 1,000 members on the group, and I know you’d find lots of help from the men over there.

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        Colleen Steele

        @mamabear007 thank you for responding to @ripple76 and offering your support. Yes, posting the FB link is fine. It sounds like it would be very helpful to Randolph.

        Randolph, I’m thrilled to hear you worked on a prequel. I had a feeling you would write more. You are doing a lot of great things to keep keep busy and your mind active. What type of courses have you been taking?

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      Randolph Reynolds

      I go by Randy. You wanted to know the courses I have taken since Covid hit, well let me see if I can remember them all:
      The Second World Wars
      Constitution 101:The Meaning and History of the Constitution
      An Introduction to C.S.Lewis
      Congress:How it Worked and Why it Doesn’t
      The Executive Branch
      Winston Churchill and Statesmanship
      The U.S. Supreme Court
      Civil Rights in American History
      Introduction to Western Philosophy
      The Great American Story” A Land of Hope
      Theology 101: The Western Theological Tradition

      All of these were non-credit courses from Hillsdale College.
      The list of the Great Courses is lengthy and I just enjoy the many lectures in each one. Very diverse subjects.

      By the way I left a message for Jen that I couldn’t get Bio News to change my email address. In the near future the current one will be shut down. I don’t suppose you have any suggestions on that? [email protected]

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      Colleen Steele

      @ripple76 interesting selection of classes. I have always enjoyed C.S. Lewis and I remember taking Theology 101 in college. Are there other colleges you can look into for a more selections if you are running out of option that interest you at Hillsdale?

      I read you email issue this morning and contacted IT about it. Unfortunately there is some other issues going on right now that I know they are working on. You might have noticed the forum is running a bit slow right now. I’m sure he will get back to me when he can and I will update you ASAP.

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