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      Jen Cueva

        Happy Monday, y’all; how are y’all doing this week? I hope that everyone is staying safe and sane.

        For Motivational Monday, I wanted to ask what’s your motivation this week? What keeps you pushing forward? Is it your family?

        My motivation this week comes from knowing that I will be with my little fam, all 4 of us, and our grandpup for several days as we celebrate our daughter KK’s birthday.

        This is so exciting for me, and we almost canceled the trip, But we are all vaccinated and will take precaustions. We will probably spend most of our time outdoors. I can’t wait, and the San Diego cooler beach air, refreshing.

        I am on vacation Wednesday-Friday, but I will probably pop in on y’all.

        So, what is your motivation to keep going this week? Let’s talk about this.

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        Colleen Steele

          @jenc I recently shared a meme to social media that reads, “Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be”. I posted it so I would remember it and use it as motivation to make changes that won’t happen unless I put my energy into it.

          I have a lot going on these days and it’s too easy to allow the feeling of being overwhelmed, to become an excuse for not getting things done. And on that note…what have I accomplished so far today? I’ve logged into the forums. So yes, I do need motivation. Good topic!

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            Jen Cueva

              Hi, @colleensteele. That is a great motto. Although, I, too, find myself becoming overwhelmed at times. This is especially when I know that I need to do many tasks and often have no clue where to start.

              I find doing the larger or most dreaded tasks, like those calls that we wait for hours on or something first to get that done. This helps me get through the smaller tasks later as my “spoons” are running low.

              You have so much on your plate daily as a caregiver, wife, and mom. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are as you try to help your balance and figure out things that will help them. On top of that, not feeling your best adds to this. This makes me wish that I was near to help you in some other ways. I am sending you extra big hugs and an abundance of love to help motivate you this week.

              This does not mean going non-stop; please rest and take care of yourself, too.

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