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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Kathleen photographing reflection in window at Fairmont hotel in San Francisco with Transamerica Pyramid behind her.

      My latest column post is about the challenges and insecurities I’ve dealt with working as a freelance photographer with PH and now with chronic immunosuppression post-transplant.

      Read it here.

      I’m proud that I’ve found a way to make income that works with the limitations imposed by my health condition. I can pick and choose jobs, refer to other photographers if I am sick or have an appointment, and essentially make my own hours. If I feel sick in the morning, I edit at night. Post-transplant, I have a lot more energy than when I had PH and I’ve been able to make my business profitable (finally) three years since starting it.

      Are you self-employed or do you freelance? Do you like the flexibility it gives you? Do you wish you had a 9-5 with benefits and potentially more recognition from friends and family? (I do, often.)

      Thank you to those of you who have commented on my post (and followed me on Instagram)!

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      Brittany Foster

      Hey @kathleen-sheffer I always LOVE the photos that you post. You truly have a great talent and I’m glad you are using it ! I feel like many people think that my part time job I have for a few hours a day as a nanny doesn’t count as a “real job”. Little do they know, the few hours I spend with the kids is probably MORE taxing on my body than their 9-5 job is for them. I don’t get comments often from family members about how working with the kids is going for me but others talk so freely and ask about how work is going for other members of the family. I find it hard not working full time especially because I had a few years of my life when I actually did. As much as it was exhausting, it felt really rewarding and sometimes I feel “stuck” not being able to do much more.

      When I take time to step back from my thoughts though and look at what I’m doing as nanny and as a column writer and moderator here, I know that I am making contributions to SOMETHING and that it IS ENOUGH especially given all that we have to do to take care of ourselves during a day.

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      Sherry Berry

      I loved working. I worked as an accountant for 25 years with the same company. The last 10 years were a big struggle for me with all of my lung issues. When I went for a lung biopsy I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to return to work. I felt guilty about not being able to go back to work. My doctors tell me I’ve done my share. I deserve to rest because I’ve always been very determined and strong. I guess I feel like a failure sometimes. Working 25 years and suddenly the brakes are put on. Does anyone feel the same? I still talk to the people I worked with. I’m still friends with them but it’s not the same. I am on SSD and private Disability from my previous work until 2035. I’m already at the 10 year mark. Being misdiagnosed for that length of time.

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