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      Hi all,

      I haven’t been on here for a while. I’m very inconsistent. I just had my annual cardiology appointments. They did a stress test, echo, ekg and lung function test. My stress test was apparently 10% better than last time in terms of how long I lasted and my VO2 max.

      However, I’ve been having a lot more breathlessness and even chest pain with very little exertion (going out to feed my animals every day). 2 years ago during my stress test, my oxygen was 98% at rest and 90% during exercise. This time it was 93% at rest and 86% during exercise. Honestly I was so relieved that my oxygen mirrored how I feel because otherwise I don’t think they would take me seriously.

      I am not getting scheduled for my 5th BPA which I’ve mentioned was coming. First I have to have a lung perfusion scan to see where exactly all the narrowing is in my lungs and then they will schedule the procedure.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @libby, I am sorry about you feeling bad. I also should have read this first, so you answer my question about why they were waiting for the BPA.

      I am sorry that your oxygen is dropping. But, I can also relate to they can now take you more seriously. Isn’t it sad that we must “prove” how sick we are sometimes. Frustrating, to say the least.

      I hope that they can schedule your lung perfusion test soon and get some answers. Do you think that they will move the BPA up and if this can be done soon?

      Again, I hate that you are feeling bad and more SOB. We are here to support you, just let us know your updates when you are up to it.

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