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      My neighbor is a holistic doctor and has been lecturing ms big time about seeking out holistic solutions to my PH. Usually i am all about natural remedies, especially for less serious maladies but for PH, I just don’t see them working. I can see them working for treating symptoms but not the actual issue or to keep it from progressing. I am curious what others experiences and thought is on this?

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      Brittany Foster

      Hey Libby,
      I actually have seen a holistic nurse practitioner near me with her own practice. I was on things to help manage the stress of it all in a more natural way and holistic supplements to help my adrenal glands from getting too fatigued with all the therapies. It honestly was great to have IN COMBINATION and I really stress the combination part with the PH treatment your team recommends. It’s beneficial to have the input of your care team too especially before starting any new supplements or natural remedies. I have tried not only supplements but also do things like masssge therapy, have tried reflexology and reiki before too. All of which work mostly on relieving bodily tension and stress and anxiety which does play into the funtion of the body. I think the more we take care of managing what we can, the more we feel like we have some control over all of this. I would say look into it but definitely discuss with your medical doctors and hopefully they can work together. I really did like the holistic woman I saw because she told be there wasn’t anything there that would “cure” me but it could help me with managing the chronic illness and help keep my mind strong

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