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      Jen Cueva

      This column is packed with some important yet difficult struggles. Brittany shares how she must stop apologizing for her body and start connecting to it.

      I shared this here as she reminds us, ” have learned that I am worthy of intimacy and pleasure. Before I can connect intimately with another person, I need to stop apologizing for my body and start connecting to it. “

      Thank you, Brittany, for writing about such difficult topics and allowing your vulnerability to speak to others.

      Please give her column a read and let’s talk about this.

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc this is such a powerful column by our @brittany-foster. She is always so honest about her struggles and I have no doubt it is helpful to others.

      I have a bad habit of apologizing when I feel like someone is the slightest put off by me. During Cullen’s most recent hospitalization, in the kindest way she could, a nurse pointed it out to me. I kept saying sorry before asking a question or when I paused before answering one. I apologized when I asked for a pillow or blanket. I apologized if my chair was close to the bed where the nurse was working. I even apologized for falling asleep! I’ve been trying to break the habit ever since. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m starting or ending sentences with, “I’m sorry”.

      It’s not quite on track with what Brittany wrote about but it is how I related to it.

      Great column Brittany! Thank you for writing it!

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks for reading @colleensteele. I agree, Britt writes about such difficult topics, but she does it so well.

      I can relate to you apologizing, I tend to have that bad habit, and I have been told even by Manny that no need to be sorry. I am working on breaking that a bit, but it is difficult for me. I think I have been apologizing for all of my life. What about you? Or is this new for you?

      Thanks for sharing your story and the kind nurse reminding you. I, too, think at times, “I’m sorry” automatically comes out of my mouth somehow, LOL.

      I love this powerful message from Britt and intimacy and loving ourselves without apologizing.

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      V.R. Peterson

      This is a powerful message. Thank you, @brittany-foster, for taking the time to write and share it.

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      Jen Cueva

      I totally agree, @mamabear007. Such a powerful message! Britt will help so many by her vulnerability with these difficult topics.

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