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      I realize this is a big stretch but worth it to ask. Around the same time I was diagnosed with PAH, my periods stopped. I used to be very regular, then one day nothing for ten months. Around 4 months of nothing, I went to an OBGYN and had all kinds of testing and ultrasound which showed nil,except that my endometrial lining was so thin, there is nothing TO shed. After ten months I finally had a horrendous period that landed me in urgent care due to heavy bleeding. Now my period is absent again. I have been diagnosed with PCOS which I don’t buy as I am not overweight, no extra hair growth, no cysts, and my testosterone levels were only elevated SLIGHTLY. Anywho…..I guess I am grasping at straws wondering if its related to my PAH. I just would like to know why the sudden change!

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      Brittany Foster

      Hey Libby,
      AS IF BEING A WOMAN wasn’t hard enough, right !? I told understand this because my periods also stopped when I was around 18. This was due to my ovarian function. Have they tested your ovary function (this is usually done by blood work). Because of this, I had very high to very low (post menopausal) levels of hormones. It was one extreme to the other for me. There was actually a study that I was involved in to see the changes that happen in a woman’s body throughout their menstrual cycle. Data was taken once a week for 2 months including hormone testing, pulmonary function test, 6 minute walk test, ECHO, EKG. It was to test out how hormones impact the heart and lungs. I am not sure of the results of the testing and what they ended up concluding from it but I know it is almost finished and I would be interested in seeing what it says because I also believe there is some type of connection. Have you ever seen a reproductive and infertility specialist? This is the specific doctor that diagnosed what was going on with me and I ended up getting both ovaries and tubes removed and now I am regulated by a patch and progesterone through the IUD.

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        Jen Cueva

        I would be interested in reading that study as well, Brittany. Once you get it, please share . Thank you for participating in it . Research is great !

        I’m glad your hormones are now regulated , I also have an IUD .

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