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      Brittany Foster

      In my latest column for Recharged and Rewired, I wrote about PTSD being triggered by my recent tube replacement surgery. I do a lot of work in therapy to talk about trauma related incidents and medical trauma that is recurring. It is hard to get “over” medical trauma especially when it seems to happen again and again and can be re-triggering for anxious thoughts.

      Can you relate to my latest column? Does your trauma or anxiety get triggered with surgeries/ procedures? What helps you cope with this level of stress?

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      Jen Cueva

      I’m so sorry to hear about your PTSD returning and I’m sure this cannot be easy to refocus once it starts. I’m grateful that therapy is helping and will continue to help.

      I’m thankful that you had an awesome anesthesiologist who noticed and took you to a quiet spot to help. I’m sure every sound and alarm in the hospital can easily set you into panic mode. My hubby’s recent stay for 2 nights, he asked how do I rest or sleep when there. He said the alarms and beeping all night. It’s true, I try and block it out when I’m there by watching a funny movie or something that I know sill distract me some.

      Honestly, every time we go to my PH appointments, it’s literally across the street from the hospital, I experience some of the same symptoms. My hands start sweating, my heart racing and my anxiety kick in. My hubby noticed it the last several times.

      I think giving yourself more time, be patient with yourself and continue to discuss this at therapy.

      Music can help, but not always. I’m always here, text and talking are good for support.

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