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      Kathleen Sheffer

      My doctors weren’t so concerned with my salt intake when I had PH so I ate whatever sounded good to me. Now that I have to take greater care with my diet, I realize how lucky I was. I didn’t feel very lucky while I was battling nausea, though.

      My friend and PH patient Becca Atherton shares a low sodium Korean potatoes recipe on her blog.

      Do you have a favorite recipe that meets your doctors’ recommendations? We’d love to try it!

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      Jen Cueva

      For years I was told to watch my sodium , then the last 3 years or so, I was told I had kidney failure as well. I also was rushed to the hospital back then and found out I actually have issues with LOW sodium which is very scary. Since then, I’m like what you said, Kathleen, I was told to eat what I want, pretty much. ( please note, low sodium is pretty rare in PHers, so please don’t go eating lots of extra sodium after you read this ).

      I like to make sheet pan meals, I often use chicken breast , and either broccoli or other veggies and often a red, white, or sweet potato. I like to top the chicken breast with a little hummus( spicy or garlic are my faves ) , then a few panko crumbs, cut the veggies about the same size , drizzle all with olive or coconut oil, salt( or salt substitute) , pepper and garlic. I use a foil lined sheet pain for easy clean up, bake about 25-40 mins depending on the thickness of your chicken. These are easy, I often use salmon, and a variety of veggies as this is simple and I often buy precut veggies or cut them myself earlier in the day . I like simple steps and short cut cooking.

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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Sheet pan meals are brilliant! One dish and you get your protein and vegetables. The cleanup was always the worst part for me – if I found the energy to cook a meal, there was no way I had energy to clean up. Great idea, Jen!

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      Jen Cueva

      I would also like to add to use fresh herbs and spices as they add so much flavor without needing additional salt. I also use lemon and lemon zest often to bring out flavors as well.

      I have an Instant Pot and I can throw ingredients in there and make a soup, stew, prottein, and other one pot meals and fast. Dry beans as well are super fast .

      I enjoy cooking on good days but still it gets exhausting, so I look for easier ways to make some of our faves. I have quite a few kitchen tools that help with time and energy needed, and I also like to often buy precut veggies and fruits.

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