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      How does one know if the medications being prescribed are only being prescribed because the Dr. prescribing them are getting a kickback to do so?
      I feel as though every time I try to tell my Dr. about side effects that I know are a direct result of taking the medication, that I am blown off and ignored. I can’t perceive any other reason for the complete disregard to what I am telling them.

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      Robin Webster

      Hmmmm. I don’t know how one would know for sure. But to me the bigger problem at hand would appear that you have a doctor you don’t completely trust — one who doesn’t listen well or empathize with your problems. I could not have a doctor I didn’t trust completely with my life. I’ve been very blessed with a doctor who I have always been able to feel as if he values my ongoing well-being as much as he values his own. Anything less is a total disservice to you. I hope you can have a frank conversation with your doctor about how you feel. They need to know you don’t feel heard. If they can change that, great. If they can’t, perhaps you can find one who is a better fit for you. (I hope I’m not overstepping by suggesting that.)

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @kb008958, like @robin-webster comments, I am more concerned about the lack of trust in your doctor. I am sure that some doctors do prescribe medications to get those kickbacks. But, if I did not think that my meds were working, I would discuss this in great detail about this.

      It is very frustrating to have a doctor who discounts your feelings. I’m sorry that you’re feeling this with your current doctor. You can always get s second opinion.

      If they continue not listening to your concerns, I would look for another doctor. If it were me, just this feeling would cause me to search for another doctor.

      PH is a life-threatening disease and complicated. If treatments see not offering any relief, I would be scared that this would cause a progression of PH.

      How long have you had this doctor?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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