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      Jen Cueva

      We could all use a lift at times.

      Do you recall a moment where you felt empowered, uplifted, or encouraged? How did that moment impact you and make you feel? Did it shift your perspective in any way?

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      Hi @jenc. I had a recent realization in the past two weeks that there is still so much I CAN do, despite my medical issues. I may have to do things slower, or in a little different way, but I don’t have to just give in to the fears of the ‘what ifs’ concerning my future with these issues.  I’m sure I’ve had this realization before, but this felt different and very ‘big’ to me. It has definitely lifted my spirit, and helped me remember the power that I do have to decide how I choose to handle those fears and changes.

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        Colleen Steele

        @dawnt it has been wonderful watching your the positive growth of your self-awareness. I know that process has it’s ups and downs but isn’t it a joy when some light shines down on you? Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Dawn!

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        Jen Cueva

        Wow, I am so grateful to read this uplifting moment from you. AS Collen mentions, we have watched you grow in many ways and after struggling through many dark seasons. You continue trying to find ways to deal with whatever comes your way.

        I admire your strength and self-awareness with this change in perspective. Too often, if we can change our mindset and get to that moment, that time when it “feels different,” we often know we are there.

        Yes, we can do so many things; we just need a few adjustments along the way, is what I have been reminding myself.

        Thank you for sharing and allowing us to help support you as you continue to grow. Big-time group hugs all around.

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      Randolph Reynolds

      Wahoo-I’m back on line.  Here’s my comment:

      Inspiration is a challenge when we have a ‘terminal’ disease.  I remember well having very inspirational moments when I was younger but now that PAH hovers over me things are different.  One of my high moments of inspiration was when I received my orders to become a fighter pilot.  But now that is past.

      I find myself being inspired by writing and by spending time with good friends.  Inspiration should be part of being happy.  But I think of it as joy.  I work at avoiding thinking in ways that would negate my inspiration.  It is a task that we must face every day.

      We are not less normal than most people in that sense.

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        Colleen Steele

        @ripple76 “We are not less normal than most people in that sense” is such a powerful statement! I reread it a few times because I think sometimes we forget that really, everyone around us is just trying to keep it together.

        I’m with you, writing and good friends are at the top of my inspirational list. But you know, what once inspired us can still give us joy. What an accomplishment having become a fighter pilot! Just think, you did that, and you have written about it! Wow!

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi, welcome back, @ripple76; I hope you have the sign-in process figured out now.

      That moment when you were chosen to be a fighter pilot must be an honor and many emotions. What went through your mind at that time? Were you in your 20s? That milestone will never leave you, my PHriend.

      Writing is such a therapeutic outlet. I would have to say I’m inspired by reading others’ writings, too. After hearing so many stories here, I’m inspired daily by the joy and strength our PH community continues to find despite the negatives of PH.

      Again, you mention mindset, which is common in many who want to keep their head up while managing life with PH. I’ve found that reducing the time I spend around those who are all negative helps me, and I think many of you can relate.

      I agree a time with friends and loved ones, laughing, and experiencing joy is what we are meant to do, right?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Randy. I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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      Randolph Reynolds

      Yes Jen there were many reasons that my graduation from pilot training in August 1964 was special.  I was top of my class, of course I had some prior flight training before, thus I got to choose what aircraft I would go to, and I received the commanders trophy for best all around student.  The really special thing was that at that time, a few months before we went into combat in Vietnam, the newest strike fighter in the Air Force was made available to officers right out of pilot training.  Before pilots upgrading to that new jet had to have prior fighter experience.  Thus I was part of first class of second lieutenants to go to Las Vegas, Nellis AFB.  It was really a step up and what a six months adventure.  A young man 23 years old flying around the mountains north of Las Vegas was so very new.  In those days Las Vegas was a nicer place to go to than today.  In May 1965 I was sent to the fighter unit not far from Tokyo.  Two big things happened, I experienced combat and I meet the gal I would marry.  We just celebrated our 55th anniversary.

      Plenty of high moments in those days.  Forgive me for getting long winded in this.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi, @ripple76; thanks for sharing such lovely memories. Have you thought of writing about your time as a fighter pilot and the love story that came along with that?

      Graduating at the top of your class is a remarkable accomplishment. I heard that school and training are rigorous. Wow, and at such a young age, 23- unbelievable!

      I’m grateful you shared such a personal story with us all. This story you share inspires me. It reminds me that 30 years of marriage is not long when you talk about 55 years! She must be one extraordinary woman, Randy. I remember you talking about writing back and forth while you were away. That brought home my memories of when Manny was away on East and West pak tours.

      Such precious memories and milestones. I hope that, if not yet, another book is in the making. Take care, and I hope you and your lovely wife enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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