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      Brittany Foster

      When I was 21 years old I received my first pacemaker. It is a Medtronic dual chamber pacemaker meaning it conducts the top and bottom parts of my heart. I was born with a heart condition that caused damage to some of the pathways in the heart which led to some electrical conduction problems for me as I got older. Before my pacemaker was put in, I was passing out frequently. When I received a monitor for 30 days to track recordings of my heart, the doctors found that I was having pauses of greater than 10 seconds in my heartbeat and my heart rate would drop as low as high 30s.

      The pacemaker really changed my life because now my heart rate can’t get below 60 and it will record abnormal rhythms helping the doctors adjust my medications and treatment plans. I feel a sense of peace knowing that it’s there to catch anything bad that may be happening. I get mine checked about once every 6 months or once every 3 months if I am having symptoms or a faster heart rate.

      Do you have a pacemaker or any other implanted devices in your body? If so, why did you end up needing this and tell us more about your story and how it has helped your life.

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      Stephanie Mitchell

      I had symptomatic bradycardia caused by sick sinus syndrome with chronotropic incompetence. I have a dual chamber pacemaker to treat it. I also have paroxysmal A-Fib and A-Flutter. I’ve had two catheter ablations to try and treat it, but it still comes back periodically.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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