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      Jen Cueva

      As some of you know, my hubby, Manny, and I have been thinking about relocating. We had no idea that this was about to happen so quickly.

      Because I think of y’all as more than forum members, you are my PHamily and close friends. We share our ups and downs often in this forum.

      So, my hubby, Manny, has an amazing opportunity in San Diego for an exciting career change. Plus, I know that my breathing will be much better there, so the overall quality of life, as y’all know, is a priority.

      Another bonus is that our kiddos are there, too. I started at UCSD, so I know that I will have no issues locating a PH team.

      We are waiting to hear about the closing of our home here bit have secured a lower unit condo with an attached garage for my parking.

      This should be within the next few weeks. If you notice that I am MIA during that time, it will be during travel times.

      I wanted to let y’all know as you are important to me. I love and care about y’all, and as I said, y’all are PHamily.

      Now, getting all ready to go is the toughest for me. I have been making several appointments per week, working a little, and rest, too. I know I need to be strong through this process.

      Any tips from y’all who may have moved while dealing with PH? I do plan to write about this once I get settles. I hope to add portions that y’all share (if you offer that permission) when I get to that).

      So, let’s talk about this? Have you made a move while managing PH and other health concerns?

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      Susi Steppins

      Oh my @jenc !

      What an exciting time for you!

      If there is anything that I know to be true is that the only thing constant is change.

      Change is good.

      Change is exciting.

      I am a bit envious.

      The only tips i can give you for the move is something you already know.

      Rest whenever you can and don’t beat yourself up for not being able to get in there and help like you once could.

      How exciting for Manny too!

      Love San Diego.

      Grew up in California.

      Just enjoy the experience and before you know it you will be sitting back with a cool drink looking at the Pacific Ocean.

      Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures along the way.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi, @s-steppins, where in California are you from?

        I am super excited as we started as newlyweds in San Diego. Plus, the kiddos are there.

        I am trying not to overdo while packing and preparing things, but
        you know how that goes, LOL.

        Yes, soon, I will have my toes in the sand and a nice drink looking at the Pacific ocean. I can’t wait. Thanks for your support.

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          Susi Steppins

          @jenc, I grew up in Hacienda Heights. Brad and I met in high school there my freshman year. My kids did most of their growing up in Rancho Cucamonga. My son lived in San Diego for about 8 years. He worked at a restaurant in LA Jolla called Azul.

          Looking forward to hearing about your adventures along the way.

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          Jen Cueva

          Cool, @s-steppins. Manny and I also meet in his school. We both graduated from the high desert in Victorville. When he went to basic training in SD and the, we were married. We started as newlyweds when he was stationed in Coronado.

          So, we are looking forward to being back where we started. That and now the kiddos are there, so a huge bonus.

          I love La Jolla, too. So many areas in CA that we both love.

          Thanks for sharing your story. Where are your favorite locations in CA?

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      Roger Bliss

      Congrats on the move to be near your family and a career change. I am sure it will work out well for you guys!!!

      Your gonna have to let me know who your PH team is at UCSD as I will need one this winter. My oncologist can set me up, but still want to know who works for you. UCSD is a GREAT place.

      Can’t begun to tell you how to move with PH. I can tell you if you stay in a place too long like me, I acquire too much”stuff”. Maybe its more “crap” than stuff??? Been at our place for 40 years. I keep putting up sheds/buildings as we get more crap. We move between AK and AZ being snowbirds. Got too much “stuff” in AZ too. Share a 10X20 storage unit in AZ with a friend……my side is full. Got 4 sheds and a 30′ X 40 shop here in AK. There is always enough room in the shop to park my dump truck, but the sheds are full.

      My advise would be get rid of as much stuff as you can…….yeah I know easier said than done.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi, @wheeldog; my PH doc will be Dr. Poch at UCSD. I believe they have 3-4 other PH docs in that office which I have heard are excellent. I also know the PH know there, Sandee, who is so kind and knowledgeable. Let me know if you need their contact information.

        Thanks for the support. Manny is excited about the change, but he will also learn some new things. He is particularly excited to work on the fire trucks once he gets his certifications for that. The company will send him to the firetruck mechanic class. He will manage some and been on the floor, too. He likes to do both as sitting still, like you, is not his forte.

        Yes, all the accumulated “junk” in the garage and the house, too, is something I wish we had gone through sooner. But things are moving along. I think his biggest concern is his tools, LOL.

        Are y’all heading to AZ soon?

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          Roger Bliss

          I had a friend I used to ride motorcycles with. He was a mechanic at Anchorage FD. He loved his job. They gave him a mechanics truck to use as he would do work at different fire stations. The truck had lights and sirens that all the other emergency vehicles  do. He could only use his lights/siren if he was headed to an emergency where something broke down during a fire, so didn’t get to use them too often.

          Thanks for the PH doctor information. I’ll mention their names when I talk to my oncologist and see if can get me an appointment.

          The goal is to drive down the first week in November. We’ll see how fast we can get things lined up to leave. Hopefully the rules for driving through Canada won’t change before we leave.

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          Jen Cueva

          That is so cool, @wheeldog. I know Manny is like a kid thinking about that part of the job, LOL.

          Here’s the link to the PH center at UCSD with all doctors who work with PH.

          Maybe we can meet up when you are in SD for appointments and have a beer. Let me know, and I will see what we can do to make this happen.

          It sounds like you are probably keeping busy. You are like us and need to get ready to hit the road soon. I do hope that the border is not too difficult to get across when you come through.

          Let us know if you would like to share a little about your PH journey in the 30 days of the PH initiative. We have so few stories by men who can share for other men to relate. Writing about PH as a man who works hard and runs a company would be an excellent story. See the 30 days of PH post by Colleen for more information.

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          Roger Bliss

          Thanks for the link. I’ll get with my oncologist and see what he says. Think he can get me in with them??? If not I will contact them.

          Would be cool to meet up for a beer (gluten free for me).LOL Would like to meet you and Manny.  We usually take our pickup/camper and stay at the Golden Acorn Casino 0n I 8 then drive into SD the next morning. We  spend most of the day there and usually get done around 5 or 6. They also have rooms/apartments for rent there (UCSD). Might be able to get to stay in them if I have extended tests. Guess we’ll have to play it by ear. This winter will be easy. In the past my wife was flying in and out of Phoenix every 2 weeks for her shift on the slope. Now that she is retired, we are only limited by my once a month lung drain. Hopefully, they will solve that problem……then we’ll be good to go for extended trips.

          Right now I am fairly busy. Might be able to write an article on the 30 days of PH once we get settled in AZ.

          I just take our pickup camper and pull an 18′ trailer to AZ. Don’t have to take all our crap with us (thank God). You guys are not so lucky with your move.

          I feel sorry for our friends in Canada. They can’t drive across the US border. Several are getting old and can’t get or it is too expensive to get health insurance to travel south anyway. One of our friends who is younger is hiring a “professional driver” to drive his motor home and trailer across the border for them and they are flying. Guess it’s real expensive to do that. If they close the border for us we can put our rig on a barge headed south and fly down. The barges are full headed north, but are basically empty going back south. The prices for freight headed south are pretty reasonable. Might just barge our stuff anyway if the weather is bad???

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          Jen Cueva

          Hey @wheeldog, if you want to call the PH office and get an appointment yourself, I can message you the sweet lady, Elizabeth’s information. She books appointments. I have her direct number. LMK and I are happy to send it here in a private message.

          I can understand that you are busy. But this article is more like writing here, lol.
          It is only 300-350 words and a pic of your choice if you include one. I like the stories that have pics, so others connect the stories to real PHolks, LOL

          We certainly can meet up for a beer, lunch, or whatever you are up to on one of your visits to UCSD.

          I certainly hope and pray that they can get this extra fluid on your lungs controlled or resolved if they can.

          Wow, that sounds like so much to get across the border. I can see how some grow tired and frustrated trying to get across. Unlike you, the man with a plan, always, they need a bit of practice of Roger tips, hehe.

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          Roger Bliss

          PM me on the PH dept and I’ll get with them. My oncologist has all my records. I need to get with him too to see what will work best.

          I emailed Coleen for more information on the 30 day thing. I’ll see what I can do.

          Once they get this fluid stopped, I am good to go. Then I can cool it with the doctors appointments and let someone else make payments on their luxury cars.;-)

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          Jen Cueva

          Certainly, @wheeldog, I will PM you the information to contact Elizabeth to schedule an appointment.

          I am excited that you will share your story in the 30 Days of H this year.

          You are too funny, yes, the luxury cars and their elegant lunches are what I always joke with my doctors about.

          I know that you will be happy to get that extra fluid controlled. Please do keep us posted on how that goes.

          How’s the prep to leave going your way?

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      Sally Hoffman

      Congratulations to you and Manny!!!  So exciting.  It’s great to be able to share news that is good all around!  I am a bit envious about being near the kids.  Since 1985 the closest I have lived to  my children was an 8 hour car ride.  I lived with my children in NY.  When they scattered so did I.  I’ve lived in Maine and Florida and my kids live in New York, California and Italy!

      Set small goals for each day and rest often.  More often than you think you need.

      Be careful and stay safe.  Best of luck in this exciting new move.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @mainegal, wow, Italy, huh? I did not know that you had kids in Italy.

      Yes, I am so excited and fortunate to be near them. This moma is not loving being away from her baby girl. In college, she was 4 hours away then moved here locally. So, I was spoiled seeing her often. Being an only child, I know that o=it may happen again, that I am not near her. But I will enjoy the time there in San Diego once we get there with them.

      They will be about 20 minutes away.

      Yes, I am trying to set small goals, but you know my task list grows each day, LOL.

      Manny has been good at trying to take care of most that he can. But then I worry that I am not aware of all going on, LOL.

      Thanks again for your support. I hope that you are doing well this week.

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      Cathy Brown

      Congratulations, this sounds like a great move! I don’t have any tips but would love to hear what works for you as we are moving in December from upstate NY to Phoenix.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @catbrown, as you know, preparing to move involves a lot of extra work. At least you have more time. This all happened so quickly that I don’t think I will grasp it until we leave.

        But, most of our house is packed. I am packing my kitchen things at the end of this week.

        As you already know, asking for help (I am guilty of not doing this) and taking it slow, or tackling small tasks and rest.

        I do plan to write a column about this once we get there and settled in a bit. Stay tuned.

        Speaking of writing, IDK if you saw @colleensteele’s post about 30 days of PH but thought that you could write about your travels and being on oxygen. What went right and not so right for you? How about that? If so, please check out the topic for this, and she explains a bit more. It is a concise bit of your story but will help you offer your experiences to others in the PH community. I think that you would do an excellent job. If not this topic, maybe your temp single-parenting a teen with PH.

        How did your visit with your sister go? I know you must have enjoyed that.

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      Randolph Reynolds


      Downsizing is an ornery business but adding a cross-country move along with it is daunting.  When we downsized we just moved across town and our daughter helped us.  That was before I was on supplemental O2.  I applaud your positive attitude about it.

      Our son graduated from UCSD (Roosevelt College) some twenty-five years ago.

      The area around La Jolla is lovely.  Can you abide by the way of life in California? Your husband’s new job must be very attractive to draw you to that area.  You realize you are going against the flow.  One of our neighbors is moving from San Diego in December.   Fortunately they bought their place four years ago.  Housing prices in Prescott are skyrocketing.

      San Diego and UCSD are the center of PH care but I suspect you know that.  It should make life easier for you.  I wish you all the best.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @ripple76, thank you for your kind words and support.

        Interesting, as I keep hearing that people are moving out of California. Well, the San Diego area does not show that. I thought that we would never secure a place that would work for us. They have open houses for rentals, and receiving anywhere from 20-200 applicants for one place is what we experienced. The broker that we worked with on this condo confirmed this.

        It will be a huge change, but the weather, improved breathing, the kiddos, and quality of life make it all worth it in my book.

        As I mentioned, Manny and I started as newlyweds there in the Navy and stationed in Coronado. We will be about 20 minutes from La Jolla. I have always loved La Jolla, too.

        But yes, this downsizing and moving is a huge chore. The kiddos are there to help once we arrive. We do have people who will load here and unload there, too.

        I must say, Manny has tried to keep me resting and not overdoing it. Although, that doesn’t always happen, LOL

        I am grateful to see you posting and appreciate your support. Stay tuned.

        I hope your breathing is a bit better and maybe some cooler air there in AZ for you. Is it?

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        Colleen Steele

        @ripple76 I hope I don’t jinx you by pointing this out, but I am so happy to see you finally posting without issue! What you share is always kind and helpful and when you need support, we want you to be able to ask for it.

        On that note, how are you doing?

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      V.R. Peterson

      Congratulations on your move! When my son went to UCSD for his PTE surgery, he noticed that it was easier for him to breathe. I pray that you experience the same.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hey there @mamabear007, how are you doing? Have you been hibernating? I have missed seeing your posts.

        Yes, I expect to see some improvements in my breathing, as you mention your son experienced. How are he and his wife doing?

        Overall, the opportunity came up, and I believe that God opens doors for a reason. I am going with it. Thanks as always for your love, prayers, and support.

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          V.R. Peterson

          I haven’t been posting much, and I’m no longer on Facebook, so you won’t see me there.

          My son and his wife are doing well.

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          Colleen Steele

          @mamabear007 as long as we will still see you here once in a while. We would miss you terribly if you left us.

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          V.R. Peterson

          Thank you, @colleensteele. I will be here for quite awhile, as I really love this place.🤗

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      Jen Cueva

      Oh, that’s why I have been missing you even more. I do hope that you will continue to be a part of our forums, @mamabear007. You have such excellent tips and support for me and the others.

      I am happy to hear that your son and DIL are doing well. Staying busy, I bet as mine do, LOL.

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        V.R. Peterson

        Thank you, @jenc. I do plan on sticking around for quite awhile. 😊

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