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      Jen Cueva

      We are almost ready for spring. I know most of us are ready to have a bit more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Often we hear of spring cleaning. Well, I wanted to do spring check-in to check on you, our members. Some of you have been MIA, so I hope you will check in and let us know how things are going with you.

      Some I am tagging here, but it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t update. I did not want to tag too many at once.

      , @shannon4jk, @dawnt, @carol-alexander, @texas2018, @anne, @gward, @bill-jones, @auntlizzie, @pebbles, @vanessavaile, @becca, and, @jenniferbeaty

      How are you doing? How can we best support you at this time?

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      Gayle Ward

      Spring is always a happy time for me. The trees are blooming and my garden is starting to come alive. On the other side of the coin it also gets my allergies going and I have shortness of breath and more difficult breathing.
      I appreciate the PH forums as it helps to hear how others are coping with PAH and sharing of ideas.
      I am an optimist and sometimes hearing struggles of others make me take a look at issues I have but “don’t talk about”. This connection with others has been so helpful and encouraging.
      Thank you all for all you do

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @gward, I am happy to hear from you. I love the fresh sunshine and the blooming flowers, as you mention. This year, even more so because of the cold freeze, all of our palm trees and flowers are dead.

      Yes, you mention allergies; it has started here in Texas, My hubby has horrible allergies, and I just told him yesterday to take his allergy meds. Do you take anything fr your allergies? It certainly affects our breathing more. I know many allergy meds we cannot take, so be sure to check with your PH team before adding anything. I can take cetirizine, which is generic for Zyrtec.

      I want to remind you that reading and not commenting is fine. In time, you will want to chime in; please do not feel like you are not optimistic. So please do join in at any time. You never know when your experiences will help others.

      Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to hear that you have found the connections here to help you.

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      Hi @jenc. Thanks for the mention to check in, and my apologies for kind of disappearing for awhile. I’ve been in sort of an ‘odd’ frame of mind for a while, not really sure what is causing it. It doesn’t totally feel like a depression flare up, I think it’s another phase of accepting the changes I see in my physical capabilities caused by medical issues. Just wanted to give a quick update, hope everyone is doing well.

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        Colleen Steele

        @dawnt as Jen mentioned, you aren’t expected to always be active here but when it’s been a while we just like to let our members know we haven’t forgotten them and they are welcome to contribute again whenever they are ready. Maybe as the weather transitions into Spring you will feel an improvement emotionally. I know I will. It’s good to hear from you!

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        Colleen Steele

        @dawnt just want to check-in and see how you are doing. It sounded like you were having a hard time a few weeks ok. I hope you are in better spirits and maybe enjoying some springtime weather.

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      Jennifer Beaty

      @jenc, just checking in to let everyone know that things are going well. I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been busy getting my mind and spirit in order. So, I spent some time cleaning out closets and dresser drawers. Now, I’m getting ready to have a yard sale with my sister-in-law and another neighbor. It’s work, but I’ve got to get rid of some of these things I no longer use.

      @Dawn, I understand what you mean about accepting our physical limitations. I finally decided that instead of spending my entire week cleaning my house and 2 days on the weekend doing laundry, I hired someone to clean. she can do it in 2 hours. And I only do 2 loads of laundry at a time so I don’t get too winded going up and down the stairs. I still have pitty parties for myself once in a while, but they are not nearly as often because now I realize that I’ve freed myself up to do what I really want to do; whatever it happens to be that day.

      Hope all is well with everyone.

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        Colleen Steele

        Hey Jennifer! It is great to hear from you and the progress you have made. I need to do what you have done. Spring cleaning is needed around here. Jen is our this week because she is visiting her step-father who is on hospice and not doing well. I know she will be happy to read your update when she returns.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @jenniferbeaty, thanks for the update. I may need you here. I usually clean out my closets every 6 months at a minimum. But it has been lacking, I must say. I also would like to clean out my kitchen cabinets soon too.

        It is a positive to be MIA a bit, especially when trying to create a new mindset and clear the old.

        WTG on hiring someone to clean. I thought about that because my hubby, Manny, does most of the hard cleaning on his off days. I pick up and do light cleaning each day. I have always thought that they may charge too high. Would you mind telling us how much this costs? If not, I understand, too.

        I like your part about the pity party; I think we can still have a pity party if we can have it and move past it. Thanks so much for your thoughts, so happy to see your post.

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      Hi @colleensteele. I am doing better, I appreciate you asking. Had a bit of a slip with my depression, which is doing much better now. I’ve also been having increasing pain issues with my one knee due to bone on bone osteoarthritis. That was really wearing me down, and I was doing less & less because of the pain. With the ph, and obesity, surgery isn’t a top option, so I’ve been getting physical therapy the past two weeks on both knees. I’ve had great results, which I didn’t expect, so am very relieved. It will take consistent attention, but the results so far have been absolutely worth it. Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year, so things seem to be settling down and getting better. I hope everyone is doing well here too.

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