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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Summer is wrapping up, the kids are going back to school, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu. What memories did you make this summer? Share about your trips, summer recipes, and hospitalizations (hopefully you didn’t have any, but we want to hear it all)!

      I photographed the PHA Conference in Orlando, Florida. My family and I spent time relaxing on the beach in Capitola, California with my family. Friends and I did a road trip to Salt Lake City, Zion National Park, and Las Vegas. I competed in the Transplant Games of America and went on beautiful hikes. I visited Serena in Waterloo and another PHriend in Chicago. My heart-lung transplant has certainly made it easier to travel! Honestly, I’m amazed I am still feeling energetic after all I’ve done in the past two months (yes, all those trips were in July and August). Sheesh.

      Okay, so maybe you didn’t travel as much as I did. Did you read any good books? Eat any good food?

      What are you looking forward to this fall? I’m planning on spending a lot more time at home. I’m excited that my younger sister is coming back to California for three months, having spent most of the year in Germany! It will be so good to have her home for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

      It seems like we haven’t heard from a lot of our members in a while so I want to know what you’ve been up to! I’d love to hear about each of your adventures, whether you went on vacation, or tried something new from home. Hope you all are doing well!

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      Good morning to all my phriends. I have had an exciting summer. Had several beach weddings over the months, which I went to everyone. In July I went to see my sister in Florida, came back and had a wedding each weekend in August (to anyone in business like myself, I sure do not recommend an August beach wedding, and I believe this was my last year of August weddings). I had a very successful month but my gosh the excessive heat just about did me in. When I get truly exhausted from the heat and shortness of breath, my legs turn to jelly and I almost cannot stand any longer. Does anyone else experience this in the heat. Anyway, in August I also decided to become a support group leader and did the training. Our monthly group meetings will be the 2nd Wednesday of each month, and will begin October 10. My pulmonary doctor and his assistant were so excited that I decided to do this they made arrangements for us to use the conference room in the clinic I go to. And they will be providing the refreshments.

      The end of August I started the next session of the Galveston Community Chorale we will be doing a Christmas concert. This month I will also start my signing class, this will I hope open up our group and my business for folks that need my assistance. I am really excited about taking this class.

      In summation, I have had an awesome summer and try to stay just as busy as I am able, my mission is to continue to live and to do the things I love (even if a little slower) but most importantly I will not let this PAH that I have define who I am as a person.

      Love to all of you and keep up the good phight….

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        Brittany Foster

        Hey Constance,
        It sounds like you had a great summer! I’m sure you love being part of the weddings and people’s special day, but I understand where you are coming from with the heat! Usually I am a summer girl. I love the beach and love being outside. When I’m near the ocean I’m the happiest! However, as you mentioned, this summer has been just BRUTAL with the heat. I can relate to the feeling as if your legs are going to collapse and I always feel a lot weaker than usual in the heat. I combat this with making sure my oxygen is turned up , making sure to rest and sit as much as possible, and having lots of hydration!

        I’m glad you were able to make the most out of your summer and your positive spirit is something that will truly help those who will be lucky enough to take part in the support group! That’s amazing to hear that you are doing that and it sounds like your doctors are very supportive too. It will make such a difference and you will impact everyone you meet there!


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      Melainie Garcia

      One of the most satisfying things I did this summer was to drive my daughter and I to the Oregon Coast. We spent 5 days on the coast and I drove the 700 or so miles (one way) over 3 days each way. It allowed me to rest and for us to enjoy the trip. I was proud of myself that I was able to do it with just my 11 year old’s help.

      I also went to Colorado Springs for 5 days. I have family there. The last time I went there was 9 years ago and it was AWFUL! I wasn’t on much oxygen or medication. I felt as if I had bugs under my skin the entire time. Getting back to 4300 ft in altitude (my home altitude) I suddenly felt fine. That is when I knew altitude was not my friend.

      This time, it was WONDERFUL! Whew! I will be going back again. All of the ups and downs of meds and oxygen paid off in the long run.

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