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      In Dr. Noah Greenspan’s own words “An educated patient is our greatest ally in the fight against respiratory disease. Lack of information and understanding on the part of patients, family members and other caregivers, even clinicians, can pose one of the greatest obstacles to patients’ ability to thrive and to truly achieve their highest level of health, wellness and quality of life.”
      Dr. Greenspan’s desire to reach every type of learner (visual, auditory, reading and kinesthetic) as well as his creative abilities in art, fashion, photography, and music, have resulted in an encyclopedic catalogue of free content developed over his 27+ year career as cardiopulmonary physical therapist.

      These include hundreds of webinars and live broadcasts, his book, Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness, dozens of online and print articles, a roughly 13,000-person Facebook Group, and Pulmonary Wellness Online; an Online Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation program aka “Pulmonary Wellness Boot Camp; all in addition to his role as the Program Director of the Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center in New York City. It was only a matter of time before he took to the airwaves with “Ultimate Pulmonary Wellness: the Podcast.”


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      Colleen Steele

        Thank you to Dr. Noah Greenspan for making the topic of his first podcast with us, be one that I think everyone can relate to. A reaction that people fighting a serious disease often receive from others is, “You are so strong”. It’s a kind thought and in many ways, very true. You do have to be strong when battling a disease like PH, but being strong doesn’t mean, don’t cry and don’t ask for help.

        There is strength in tears. I mentioned in one of my columns that it takes more energy trying not to cry then it does to just let them flow. Mental wellness is as important as the physical and trying to always put on a brave face is not the best way to handle your emotions. I very much agree, “It’s OK to not be OK!”.

        When Dr. Greenspan discusses the traumatic event of losing one of his best friend’s during 9/11, it made me think of how many PH friends my son and our family has lost over the years. It’s a sad reality of the disease that many of us have had to face. How well are we dealing with it? Do we have someone we can discuss that loss with or are we took afraid of bringing people down with us by talking about our sadness?

        We all need someone that we can open up to and share how we truly feel. I hope that all of our members feel that our forums are a place in which you can do that. We are all here to listen and give each other much needed support.

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        Jen Cueva

          Thank you, Dr. Noah, for sharing such an amazing message. I am certain that others in the forums will feel your compassion as you speak. You are truly dedicated to your patients.

          Ironically, I have a column that I started working on recently with this same title. This is definitely a topic that everyone can relate to.

          I think that these podcasts are a valuable new addition to our forums. I cannot wait to listen to the next one.

          Colleen, you bring up a tough topic, but I agree that we need to talk about these things. I know that in my 14 plus years living with PH, I have lost so many. It is heartbreaking and takes an emotional toll on me.

          @shannon4jk, you may benefit from this message.

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          I wrote a column exactly with the message “It’s Okay to not be okay”. I feel like everyone needs this reminder. As much as I wrote about it with so many words of encouragement, it still is something that I struggle with every day. It’s always hard for me because I have this “all or nothing” mentality. I either go “all out” or do nothing at all! That’s how my personality has always been. Mentally such polar opposite thoughts aren’t helpful at all. I had to learn to give myself permission to accept that it’s okay to let out feelings, emotions, frustrations, etc.

          The forums really have been a great community of support for me and it’s something that I am really proud to be a part of.

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