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      Dr. Noah Greenspan discusses overcoming your resistance so that you can finally have some fun, lung disease or not (if you really want to, that is).

      Listen to this podcast here and share your thoughs in the comment section below!

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      Brittany Foster

      Such a good topic. I remember when I was first given oxygen I honestly thought that my life was done and I became really depressed. Every time I wore it, it was like a brutal reminder of my limitations and a reminder of all the reasons WHY I needed it. One of my first experiences really “getting out there” and trying to have fun while wearing it, I left the oxygen on when I was sitting and it completely ran out while I was at a Patriots game. After lots of stairs and walking up and down ramps to get back to my car, I ended up collapsing and having to take a ride to the hospital in Boston. It was really scary and really left me scared and nervous about going out on adventures. The more confidence I gained back though, the better things started to seem. I feel like a lot about just “going for it” and trying to enjoy yourself is doing things that remind you that you still CAN! Even if it looks differently than how other people are doing it. I took a trip last year on a cruise and it was absolutely amazing and doing that and showing myself and others that it CAN be done even with my disability really helped boost my confidence in taking future trips too. It was so good to do that for my own mental health too.

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        Jen Cueva

        @brittany-foster mentions, this is such an important topic! I actually am very inspired by Brittany and all she does despite her many conditions. She is always ready to tackle the day and helps motivate and inspire me and so many others.

        I was a little behind on listening to this one. I am not sure how I missed it. It was great motivation as I stated my Monday cleaning. As I listened, I continued and did a tad more than I had planned. I guess that takes care of my Yoga session today. Hehe

        Thanks for the motivation and the important reminders. Great job, Michael and Dr. Noah!

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          Brittany Foster

          Thank you so much for the shout out and motivation, Jen! It always helps to have a great amount of encouragement to keep me going strong. Sounds like your Monday is off to a productive start. I got some coffee with my boyfriend this morning, going to go grocery shopping for the house later and then possibly a movie later tonight. We wanted to see the new Joker movie. It looks super disturbing but I love those kinds of movies haha!

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