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      A compound in a plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine lowered the lung blood pressure of rats with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a study shows.

      The compound, osthole, did this by decreasing levels of proteins associated with PAH, researchers said.

      The study, “Global Proteomics Deciphered Novel-Function of Osthole Against Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,” was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

      Osthole is a component of a plant known as Angelica pubescens Maxim that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is supposed to promote blood circulation, relieve pain and offer other benefits.

      Modern scientists believe it has anti-inflammatory activity and can make constricted blood vessels relax.

      Its ability to treat PAH has been unclear, however, so a research time decided to do a study in rats to try to shed light on the matter.

      Read more about this promising news here: “Traditional Chinese Medicine Shows Promise for Treating PAH, Study Reports

      Have you considered trying traditional Chinese medicine? Share your thoughts below. 

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      Julie Shrive

      Have found acupuncture to be helpful when not given specific treatment for breathing including antibiotics .Started with acupuncture & flu jab preventing infections thereafter occasionally needs topping up.Found same with chronic cutis acute 3 weekly & spasms caused by heart failure on underlying conditions .
      Spinal pain cupping for oedema now lymphedema & problems with bowel & bladder suspect neuro ?

      I often used it hand in hand with other treatments such as pressurised oxygen [ MS Therapy centre] & reflexology for lymph.

      When had MI – cardiac arrest after haematuria found in urine but wasn’t specialists remit [ uk] I had regular treatment till revived 3x .They said I was lucky Said it was acupuncture .
      Thereafter had sacral – cranial as heart felt like an old boot.

      Some of Acupuncture was in London with Ashanti attached to Middx University on Archway Campus of the Whittington Hospital .

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      Amy Peeples

      I read that article and looked for some of the Angelica pubescense plant on line . I have used many other essential oils in the past and am thinking this is an oil although it was relatively cheap ?
      Also lemongrass is a vasodilator . I heat it up in a steamer and love inhaling it . Smells so good .

      Those are just my thoughts on the subject .


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      Brittany Foster

      Thank you for you responses and comment Amy and Julie. I too use both holistic medicine and traditional medicine to help me manage the symptoms. I have heard that lemongrass is good and would love to use more essential oils even if its just for relaxation. I have tried acupuncture and reflexology, and massage therapy. All of which I would recommend too! Has anyone tried reflexology or massage therapy?

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