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      Brittany Foster

      If anyone ever drinks shake mixes or protein mixes, I’m sure you had your share of them that tasted chalky or just didn’t taste like much of anything. Lately, I have been trying my best to incorporate some shakes into my diet. My protein levels were low the last time I was in the hospital and I know I need to start working on my nutrition. I am trying to get in everything my body will allow. Even though I end up still throwing up a lot of what I eat due to nerve damage from my open heart surgery, I NEED to try to get something to stay down through the day. I try to do protein powders but was wondering what ones were the best that you may have tried?

      When I look for shakes, I make sure to check out the added sugars (the lower the better) and I like ones that don’t have whey because that seems to make my stomach upset and I don’t need any extra stomach pains. I try to stick to the vegan protein shakes because they feel better as they try to make their way through my digestive system. The good one that I have tried is Shakeology vegan powder. It can get expensive though.

      What are some good shakes that you have tried that are high in protein? What protein powder or vitamin powders would you recommend that are tasty and not so high in sugar?

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      Well I went on this high protein low fat low carb medical diet and they have protein bars and shakes with 15 g of protein any flavor imaginable and pudding too I loved the pudding the best and no artificial sweeteners with around 5-10 carbs or sugars health wise was one brand name and one website is a lot cheaper than the rest.. I will get back to you with that info I need to order some myself. They give you energy and your glucose levels stabilize

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        Brittany Foster

        That would be great to get that info! I love how they make protein pudding too. That’s something that I need to try. I have been LIVING off of the protein packed ice cream but after awhile the taste becomes a little icey and not as “ice creamy”. Making my own pudding and adding some protein powder might be worth the shot too. I try to sneak in protein anywhere I can, through shakes, drinks, oatmeal, etc. I need help in the glucose department too! Sometimes my glucose levels are just super off and low and I really feel the effects of it.

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        Hi Brittany,
        I’m glad to see you back on the forums, I hope that means you are feeling better. Being I have a coexisting diagnosis of Mastocytosis there have been periods where I have had to start with one food that I can tolerate and slowly build from there. I think I’ve probably tried close to every protein shake on the market! Personally plant based ones have been gritty and horrible. There are a few new ones but given my past experience and the fact that I tolerate dairy well I avoid plant based shakes.
        If you don’t mind mixing in a blender I found organic whey protein vanilla flavor to be delicious. It may have stevia, I can’t recall as it’s been awhile thankfully since I had a flare that cost me to lose foods and start over!
        I bought it through amazon.i think it was simply called organic whey protein powder. Also Jullian Bakery brand mixes I believe are organic and low carb.
        Being my body doesn’t object, I drink 100 calorie vanilla muscle milk almost daily. I love the taste and for 100 calories it provides 20gm of whey protein.
        It’s the one thing I have that isn’t organic. It comes ready to drink and also is low carb! I don’t do well with carbs I get most of them from fruits I eat daily. I don’t count carbs but attempt to not eat over 100gms a day. The average person on a regular diet takes in about 400gms per day.
        I hope this helps I don’t eat much meat so I have to supplement protein.

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          Brittany Foster

          Hi Judie,
          I don’t eat much meat or actual protein sources either. I try to do like mashed up black beans, chickpeas, pasta with some protein in it in soup broth, mixing protein mix (I like the taste of shakeology) into literally anything that I can. I always end up throwing up some of what I eat because of my stomach and esophagus issues that I have going on, but I feel like what ever is going to stay down I at least want it to be somewhat nutritious so I can get that into my body!

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      V.R. Peterson

      I drink Vega One All-in-One for breakfast every morning. I mix it with coconut milk (the kind in the dairy section, not the thick stuff in a can), but it can also be mixed with water or real milk. All the flavors taste good.

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        Brittany Foster

        I have tried Vega protein drinks before that are already pre made and they are actually really good!! The color of it was a little surprising at first. Because it was a chocolate shake flavor but it was the color of pea soup almost LOL so it through me off, but I just kept it in the container and drank it from there so I couldn’t see the color LOL. Something about drinking a green drink that tastes like chocolate is just a little unsettling to me haha! But really good for you!

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