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      Brittany Foster

      I know that there are lists of reasons why our sleep may be worse sometimes and not others. For me, this has a lot to do with the stress that I may be under as well as my sleep apnea. When my apnea is bad, I tend to wake up more frequently through the night. This gives me interrupted sleep and I don’t wake up feeling too great. Usually when this happens and I don’t get good sleep I have a headache for most of the day.

      What are some things that effect your sleep? What have you done about it to try to help get better quality sleep?

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      Jen Cueva

      Honestly, lately, I have had to take my anxiety medication at night to help me sleep. @brittany-foster, so you are not alone. I am sure that the increased stress that we all are dealing with in general is enough to disrupt sleep.

      But you also have so many other things going on, so I can not imagine. Plus, the added effects that you are having more issues with your sleep apnea, this cannot be helpful. Headaches, brain fog, and just overall fatigue worsen for me when I lack sleep.

      I do tend to take hot relaxing baths, sip hot teas, and try to read before bed. Now, last night my hubby work me up from the couch at 11:30 PM. I was crashed out. I tend to sleep better some days/nights when I fall asleep on the couch. Do you do that? Or, do you manage to get into bed at a particular time and try to sleep? Our sleep schedule is all screwed up the last month or so. As I am sure, we are not alone on this.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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