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      Colleen Steele

      The topic about gifts received or given often comes up in the forums. There are many things that patients and caregivers have in common, and from personal experience I would say stress is one of them. This inspired me to write about the gift of stress relief.

      Thank you @robin-webster and @jenc for getting me thinking about this by sharing the awesome gifts your husbands gave you this Christmas. Just so everyone knows, I will NEVER write about what is shared in the forums without approval from the person(s) first. Your privacy is important to me and I always want you to think of the forums as a safe space.

      Are there any gifts you have received or would like to receive to help you relax. Share so we can add it to our wish lists too.

      Stress Relievers Make Perfect Gifts for Patients and Caregivers

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      Jen Cueva

      I love this column, too, Colleen! Just yesterday, I came across an article that talked about stress balls. The article talked about how patients and caregivers, too, could benefit from one. What do you think? Would you use this? I love the care package that you shared, so it would be me because I love smelling fresh and baths, hehe.

      That Superman robe is awesome! Cullen is the man of Steele! 😀

      I had tears as I read Robin’s husband’s thoughts. I so could hear Manny saying those things, too. Still, things are a bit surreal.

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      Colleen Steele

      I was thinking the same thing @jenc. The way @robin-webster husband talks about her reminded me of the intensity in which Manny loves you. You both have really sweet, caring husbands.

      I use to have a stress ball. When I was working full-time while Cullen was fighting PH and listed for transplant I kept one at my desk. Sometimes I would be squeezing it and not realize I even picked it up. I’m not sure how much it helped other than keeping me from pulling my hair out.

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks again, @colleensteele. You are such a kind heart. I am blessed with Manny. I can never express how much gratitude I have and love for him.

      I have never used a stress ball, but I know people who like to keep one on their desks. I do not think that I would use it, but If near me, IDK. I may grab it unintentionally, too.

      I also wanted to add the gift of blankets and throws. I had 3 new blankets and throws from friends and family members within the last few months. I love comfy, cozy gifts, so perfect for me. Plus, a few have words of encouragement as reminders. I thank you for the one that I am currently using. Sasha approves, too.

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