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  • What are you doing to help skin irritation from masks?

    Posted by Brittany Foster on April 21, 2020 at 10:32 am

    In the forum topic that we had regarding surgical masks, I brought up a question that I wanted to ask in a new forum post to get some answers to. I have been seeing a lot of viral pictures from healthcare professionals showing the break down of the skin from wearing masks for an extended amount of time. I am curious if others have experienced skin problems because of wearing masks?

    For me, my face gets really dry because of the extra moisture that builds up and ends up peeling the skin around my nose and my mouth. I have been using a hydrating cream more often for my face to help against this type of burn feeling and protect my skin for getting too chapped.

    What would you recommend to use for your face if you are having skin breakouts etc right now? What types of skin changes have you noticed because of wearing masks or other protective face equipment? What are some of your favorite skin protections or “go to ” hacks?

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  • jen-cueva

    April 22, 2020 at 7:14 am

    Hey @brittany-foster, this is a big problem that the healthcare workers deal with often. For me, thankfully, I have not been anywhere lately that I have needed mine. I do know that the masks make it even more difficult for me to breathe. I also tend to have moisture in my mask that does not help my already dry skin due to diuretics.

    I had used Aquaphor and both vaseline when I worked that helped protect my face some. Also, using a good moisturizer before is vital. I still have yet to find my favorite lightweight yet affordable and effective moisturizers.

    I am hoping that some of the comments will offer a solution to that question, too. Otherwise, I clean my face with coconut oil several times per week. Yes, right out of my kitchen pantry.

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