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      Colleen Steele

      We are researching medical facilities and insurance options so that my son can transition from pediatric to adult care sometime this year. My biggest worry is the risk of the new doctors having a different approach to how to treat my son. He is 5 years post transplant and for over the past 2 he has been stable and doing well. I would really be hesitant to change any of his treatments, dosages, etc., unless there was a real solid reason for it. But I know doctors have different approaches and opinions and I’m concerned that with this transition we might be facing changes to treatment. Hopefully I’m worrying over nothing and this won’t happen.

      What has been your experience when switching to a different doctor or when transitioning from pediatric to adult? How similar or different was the new doctor compared to you former one and how did that effect you?

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      V.R. Peterson

      Do you have a good enough relationship with your son’s current doctor that you could ask for a referral? If it’s someone his current doctor knows, the new doctor would be more likely to interact with the current doctor about current treatment (and reasons for those treatments).

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      Brittany Foster


      When I am going to a new doctor, one of my biggest concerns is : Do I have enough time at the appointment to discuss my full medical history with them in a way that they understand? AND will the doctor have read over my files beforehand. I typically ask that my doctor I am transitioning from (as long as I have a good relationship with them) call the doctor personally to discuss my case. It is something that doctors don’t necessarily see all the time so I try to do what I can to make sure they are well informed so they don’t have that typical look of puzzlement on their faces when I see them for the first time. Or I have been in situations where I wait SO LONG for an appointment with a new doctor only to see that doctor in person and hear “I think you would be better off with X doctor !” It is the WORST!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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