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      When I am feeling particularly stressed, especially with an upcoming surgery, I like to distract my mind and keep my thoughts from running wild. I am so thankful for Netflix and shows that allow me to binge watch for hours at a time. I am almost done with the new series “You” after reading the book while in the hospital. I have only a few more episodes left of it. Some of my favorite shows to watch and REWATCH over and over again are: Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. I have watched all seasons multiple times and still cry and if I’m watching it for the first time.

      Do you like to binge watch shows when you need a distraction? What are some of your favorites? Do you have any new series that you would recommend and that I can add to my “to watch” list for later?

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      Outlander! I recomend reading the books first, with that you’ll have quite some time because this year will be released the 9th one plus other books related to that serie.
      Now, the fourth book is on TV (fourth season) and I think the whole season it’s available in amazon prime, Movistar plus (in Spain) and starz in USA.

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        Kathleen Sheffer

          My sister loved reading the Outlander series! I’ll have to tell her it’s now a TV series. I watched a lot of TV shows when I had PH, but less so now that I have the energy to read books instead during my (rare) down time.

          How I Met Your Mother has hours of entertainment if you haven’t tried it yet. One of my all-time favorites is Parks and Recreation.

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            I haven’t seen Parks and Rec but I heard it’s great! I love a funny show. I loved The Office and all their personalities just kept me entertained and laughing ! Definitely is good for the soul to watch something you can laugh at!

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          Thank you so much for the suggestion! I love books that are being turned into series because it gives me a lot to do when I feel like I have to read it first before watching it! I read all the Gossip Girl books before the series came out when I was younger and always got so nerdy when comparing them with one another hahahaha! I’ll have to check out this book and show series for sure !

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        Recently, my husband and I got caught up with The Good Wife 😁

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          I heard good things about that one! I have to add to my “watch” list. Usually my boyfriend and I have a hard time deciding on a show together. But he usually will cave to make me happy and watch This Is Us with me

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        Jen Cueva

          Hi @terraleigh1993, here’s an older post that you can share your favorite “binge-worthy” shows. I love your self-care routine of the spray tan, pizza, and shows; Now, I would probably add a glass of wine or something to mine. Hehe

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