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      Colleen Steele

      Life tends to be full of embarrassing moments. When PH is a huge part of your life then embarrassing medical moments are likely too. In my column this week I shared some of my most memorable PH and post-transplant -not funny then but funny now- moments with my son.

      Let’s give each other something to laugh about today. What are some of your embarrassing medical moments that make you laugh now?

      Learning to Laugh at Embarrassing Medical Moments

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @colleensteele, I have enjoyed the laugh session while reading this column. Too often, we forget to laugh during these difficult times. This is when laughter is the best medicine. You write the episodes so well that I felt as if I was standing by watching on the sidelines.

      OMG, the tangling of wires is a nonstop battle. I had that issue this last time more than usual.

      I am still laughing about Cullen telling the lady to read the sign. So not hos usual self, so hard not to laugh. The wheelchair episode is funny as I use my w/cv for distances, and when I stand up in public and at the hospital, Manny yells, “she’s healed.” That has happened on many occasions.

      During this last hospital visit, they would not allow my family to drop off clean underwear, etc. My daughter even tried to order at the gift shop, and they said no. I was told the nurse would bring me some. That night a newer nurse, a young man, came in and gave me a size 2XL maternity undies. I was so embarrassed, but thankfully I had been on pain meds, we laughed about it together.

      Excellent topic and reminder. Thanks again, Colleen.

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        Colleen Steele

        @jenc he was so tangled up that one day I ended up buzzing the nurse. I was afraid of yanking something out while I tried to untangle him. Luckily the nurse had a great sense of humor.

        “She’s healed!” LOL! Oh my gosh the underwear story! Did you ever end up getting a reasonable size? It’s funny but you probably would have really appreciated clean clothes that fit. The things that happen in hospitals, seriously!

        The woman that Cullen called out for smoking under a no smoking sign was already in a mood. She was cursing like a sailor at someone on the phone when Cullen approached her. She was not amused, let’s just say that. I couldn’t get that kid in the car fast enough. Never would he have done that if he wasn’t high on pain meds at the time. Makes a great story now though.

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      Jen Cueva

      LOL,@colleensteele, I did finally get another pair that was only a large. Those worked for temporary, hehe. The poor young nurse, I think, was embarrassed more than I was. It was a good laugh.

      That is hilarious; I keep laughing each time I read that about Cullen. I have been guilty of have a certain nurse, when I first come in all medicated and aggravated, not so friendly, then she comes a day or two later and thinks I am a new patient, hehe. Like day and night- Cullen’s story reminds me of this.

      Laughter is the best medicine.

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