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      Brittany Foster

      There’s always going to be times in life where there is more stress. These stressful times call for relaxation. Lately I have needed to help myself relax. Usually this would include a bath with some awesome bath bombs, but I haven’t been able to do that lately because of my feeding tube.

      Some ways to relax that I have used are, breathing exercises and meditation, stress relief yoga that doesn’t involve any cardio at all. I like the yoga with Adrienne videos on youtube.

      What are some of your “go to” relaxation techniques? What helps you relax through stressful times and helps you unwind from difficult days?

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi Brittany! I know off subject, but since I’ve been MIA , when’s tour surgery ? Did you get it scheduled? ( sorry, I’m sure that has been stressful and cause of any)

      For relaxation, I like to cook, when I feel good. I also like to read uplifting and funny books or articles . I, too, love a warm bath with some moisturizing bath bombs! Ohh Brittany, once you can enjoy that again, I know you’ll be happy!

      I also love to sit outside in the sun when I can, I’m on the Texas Gulf Coast m so today after labs , Sasha and I sit out back in the lounge chair looking at the pool and it’s so relaxing! It’s about 68 and sunshine today, thankfully ! Another thing, I like to watch funny sitcoms and movies to keep me occupied and laughing ! I’ll also call a friend or family member , if I feel up to it !

      Ohh I definitely want to look up those yoga videos as I’ve been procrastinating, lol

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        Brittany Foster

        Hi Jen,
        You didn’t miss much, I still didn’t get a surgery date. They had a meeting last Wednesday where they decided what other surgeon would be working on this with my current surgeon I have. Hopefully I hear back soon, If not I plan on going to the hospital on Thursday because this has been a lot to manage on my own and it has just been too long waiting around.

        I also love cooking and baking but it would be like torture because I am unable to eat and on the PEG tube. I wish it was 68 and sunny where I am but I did get outside for a little bit and played with my nephew which helped to relax me and take my mind off of things. Funny sitcoms are great too! I love ones with a dry sense of humor like Parks and Rec!

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      I do my circular breathing. In through the nose out through the mouth. I Start with breaths as big as I Can then I work backwards until they are normal breaths and I am feeling calm. There always is apart where my active mind tries to take over before the calm. The trick is to keep focus on your breath. Then it will subside. Once past the “active mind” slows down, I find I am at peace and can remove thoughts, and go into deep prayer. Asking to be healed and to heal others as it is not fair in my mind just to be healed alone. I pray for myself, my family, friends, and all those struggling and hurting and lastly for those that do not know they need prayers.

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        Brittany Foster

        That sounds like a great way to calm your mind and your body. I love how you use prayer for yourself and for others. Thinking about helping others always helps my mind in so many ways and prayer is a wonderful way to let go of what is worrying you. I love the circular breathing, I have never heard of that ! I will definitely give that a try ! love it!

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      Robin Webster

      Cooking is what distracts me from all the health issues. But admittedly that was a lot more fun when I could actually EAT. Since all my G.I. issues have become much worse, I feel more like I HAVE to cook rather than I GET to cook. I’m a real stickler for nutrition or else I’d probably just tell my husband to get himself some take-out. I try to meditate, but I’m not as capable of it as I used to be. And I can’t even seem to do yoga any more. I feel like even my internal organs are “in a knot,” let alone my muscles. I’m hoping to pick up on something that will allow me to unwind my body and soul without taking a xanax, because I don’t even want to take the pills I HAVE to take.

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        Brittany Foster

        I feel you on this one. I also haven’t been into cooking or baking anything because of getting m G tube put in and I’m just on baby food mixture through the tube which is absolutely horrific and has been hard for me to find a formula that works that I don’t have to forcefully push through the tube to my stomach. I’m sorry the meditation and yoga is difficult for you. On my really hard days, even just getting 5 minutes of rest time and breathing time in starts to make somewhat of a difference. I’ve been really into reading lately and it has been a great distraction. One of my good friends introduced me to the Harry Potter series and I LOVED it and now am watching the movies with my boyfriend and currently on the 5th movie and don’t want them to end ! This is actually what my things I’ve been “looking forward” to has looked like lately because I really can’t do much as I wait around to even hear back on a surgery date.

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      I have recently found several guided mindfulness videos on youtube. I find that when I am focusing on my breathing, listening and following along with the guided meditations that I tend to allow myself to relax and forget about everything else around me. I have recently started doing these and I really feel that they help me. I also like to just allow myself to be and go in a whole different world through reading.

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        Brittany Foster

        Are there specific ones on youtube that you would recommend? I would love to try some of these. I need some good ones and I find that breathing exercises and focusing on my breath does help me a lot with my stress and anxiety, especially right before bed so my mind doesn’t race as much. I also love reading ! What books have you been reading lately? I just finished the Harry Potter series for the first time and it was great ! Now my boyfriend and I are watching the movies. We are on the 6th movie.

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      Joanne Sperando

      Massage! I belong to a local place and pay monthly. Nothing relaxes like massage. I also do a Gentle Yoga class and meditation. SO many benefits.

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        Brittany Foster

        I LOVE massages. Before I started having a lot of difficulties this past Winter, I would go for deep tissue massage every 3 weeks. I have been going to the same person since I was in 7th grade. It truly made such a difference to how my body felt and I could literally feel the tension points in my body which hurts like heck but still felt amazing after. gentle yoga just sounds fabulous too! So many things I want to try when I am able to!

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