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      Kathleen Sheffer

      Okay, maybe this is just a ME problem, and not a PH problem, but sometimes NOTHING sounds good to eat. Logically I know I need to eat, and sometimes I’m even hungry. But every food option makes me gag.

      When I had PH my symptoms of nausea were worst in the morning. As a result, I hated all breakfast foods. Cold pizza always sounded better for breakfast than pancakes did.

      It took 17 years for me to get to a weight my doctors were comfortable with. For a long time I hovered below 60 pounds, dietitians throwing their hands up and suggesting I drench popcorn in butter and drink ice cream shakes for calories (my cardiologist was not pleased). So, having frequent episodes when I didn’t want to eat anything was not ideal.

      Usually the problem dissipates if I just eat SOMETHING. Once I get over the first bout of nausea I can keep eating. When I was young, my mom would make my favorite meal — risotto —something I couldn’t resist, to get me to eat something. Now that I live on my own and have to make my own food, I try to have snacks I enjoy on hand that don’t require preparation. I’d rather starve than prepare food when every food option makes me gag.

      Do you ever feel like I do? What strategies have you found to solve the problem?

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      Jen Cueva

      I know this was awhile back, but I , too gave this issue quite often! It see,s to come and go and I was never a breakfast person before either and still not my fave, lol

      I tend to eat fruit , crackers, and Gatorade when I don’t feel like eating, I’ve also eaten a lot of soup, with lots of veggies and smoothies or juices.

      I’ve been better this past year as my ductir tells me every visit that I must eat something 3 day, I tell her coffee or juice and pills is usually my breakfast, lol 😂

      You are definitely not alone! Since you posted, how are things ? I know you have roommates, do they cook ? I would think if they are cooking and eating maybe something they eat may entice you to eat, lol

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        Brittany Foster

        I always have the problem of not eating what i cook! Not that my cooking isn’t delicious lol, I just always eat more of what other people make or have. Even at restaurants it’s the idea that other people’s food always tastes better than mine hahaha! But I totally have days like this too and tend to stick to smaller meals on days like this like calorie dense protein bars, smoothies (like what you said Jen) and granola cereal because it has more calories in it. On my days when I don’t feel well it’s usually a struggle for me to eat!

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