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      Colleen Steele

      Has it been a year or longer since successfully giving up something to improve your health? What was it and why did you remove it from your life? How have you managed to fight cravings? Maybe it was something other than food, drink or smoking. Whatever it is, share your experience with us.

      My son is really good at going cold turkey with things. I don’t know how he does it. Sodium became a problem so almost 2 years ago he cut down on his favorite snacks and now he very rarely treats himself to things like chips. He discovered caffeine affects his blood pressure so last year he decided one day that he would stop drinking soda and coffee. He pretty much just drinks water except for an occasional decaf vanilla late or decaf hot tea.

      I wish I could say cutting all of these things out made a huge difference. It has helped but it wasn’t a perfect fix. He still struggles with his kidneys and blood pressure but he has no desire to return to old habits. I think with him it’s mind over matter. He has gift for saying, “No more,” and meaning it.

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      Jen Cueva

      Wow, @colleensteele, I am so not as good as Cullen with cutting things cold turkey. Because of my coexisting illnesses, I usually eat food tolerated while limiting caffeine and sodium. I am not totally off of these. But, on days when my palpitations are bad or other issues, I do not have caffeine.

      So, for me, it would also be a balance. Years ago, I could go to a Mexican restaurant and say no chips and salsa. That did not last too long. I do eat chips with salsa but limit to 10 chips, lol.

      I wish I had Cullen’s mentality.

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