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      I have seen a few posts recently about kidney issues as a result of PH. I am just curious what clued you in (symptoms and signs) that your kidneys were under the weather?

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      Colleen Steele

      Hi Libby, good question! For my son it was high blood pressure that was difficult to control and high creatinine levels. First they diagnosed him with kidney injury, meaning perhaps with medication his kidney’s would improve, but after a year or so without change he was diagnosed with kidney disease. He is stable and doing well but the reality is his kidney’s will not improve. The goal is to keep them from getting worse for as long as possible. Are you having kidney issues Libby?

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi Libby, I actually was diagnosed with kidney disease during a hospital visit for chest pain and other PH symptoms that were worsening. It showed up in my labs, so of course they did other testing. Mine is most likely due to taking high dosages of diuretics for 10+ years to prevent the heart failure.

      Are you having symptoms that you are concerned about, Libby? I do know now, when my kidneys are “ acting up “, I have back pain, as well as itching , like all over . Mine seems to be worse at night, tne itching. It’s when the toxins build up in your blood due to the kidneys not functioning at capacity thus not flushing the toxins out.

      If you’re concerned about Kidney Disease, ask your doctors and they should be able to see in your bloodwork that would be the first place to start.

      I am attaching a link from The National Kidney Foundation as their website offers a wealth of information. I like the Davita website as well.

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