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      Brittany Foster

      Taking medications for any condition doesn’t come without a price to pay. There are certain medications that I am currently taking that I would prefer not to take. It makes it difficult to be consistent about taking my medications when I get symptoms from them. I always have to remind myself that the benefits that the medication is giving me outweighs the side effects. I try my best to combat the side effects and symptoms in a more natural way instead of adding another medication to the list of them.

      One medication that has given me unpleasant side effects is my inhaler medications. This helps to dilate my upper airway and is necessary in order for me to get air into my lungs. The inhalers and steroids that I am taking, I have to use a nebulizer for. After the medication is done getting into my system, I start to get episodes of nervousness, a little increased anxiety, and a more rapid heart beat. I have learned ways to help cope with this side effect and find that it is best when I take these breathing treatments laying down and do something relaxing and distracting for the next thirty minutes while it settles into my system. During this waiting time, I read or watch TV to keep my brain busy and keep from obsessing about my heart rate or having racing thoughts.

      I make sure to also write any new symptoms from medications in a journal so I can share it with my doctors in case they have to make any adjustments to it or the dosage. Being aware of how a medication is making me feel is an important part of keeping some control over my body and allows me to share this with doctors to advocate for my health.

      It is difficult when medications bring about even more side effects. When symptoms occur, it is hard to see the benefits that the medications are bringing because they seem to be masked by unpleasant feelings. It’s important for us to try to manage these symptoms and work with out doctors and be honest about what is working and what isn’t.

      What medications have you taken that increase certain side effects? Do you find it difficult to be consistent with taking it? What do you do to help combat the side effects?

Viewing 0 reply threads
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