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      Jen Cueva

      Soul care is an individual’s process of personal health, especially as it pertains to the soul. Soul care will look different for every person.

      We are all different and tend to care for ourselves and our souls in a variety of ways. I tend to start my morning with a morning devotional. This is a short Christian based study. Mind you; not all would care is related to religion. Spending time with my daughter and family is also a source of soul care for me.

      I also find soul care in being outdoors in nature, especially near the water on a nice sunny day. This is good for my soul and my overall health. Each of these actions helps me to recharge my body, mentally and physically.

      With our current pandemic, this is more important than ever that we take time to recharge our souls. What are you doing to practice soul care? Please share your tips, and let’s talk about this.

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I have similar ways to care for my sould as you do. As you mentioned, not everyone’s soul care is faith based but I personally find praying the rosary a calming way to end my day. It’s my way to close the door to whatever kind of day I had and refresh my soul for the next one.

      As I mentioned in my recent column, taking my pets for walks or going for a drive (without the radio on) has been helpful in calming my nerves and helping me re-group throughout the day.

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks for sharing, @colleensteele. I read that column yesterday afternoon after posting this and thought that you offered some excellent suggestions on soul care.

      Drives have always been something that I have enjoyed. Last weekend, Manny took me on an evening drive in the country, and it was so relaxing. We grabbed a tea, and the sun setting offered a beautiful backdrop on our way back. I will be so happy to drive again, hopefully soon.

      I like that you pray the rosary at the end of the day to help calm and allow you to rest that night. Do you notice that it helps ease your mind enough to sleep?

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      Jen Cueva

      Hey y’all, soul-care is so very important. It is even critical as a patient or caregiver dealing with a rare and chronic disease.

      So, what are y’all doing for soul-care?

      Hot teas and coffees, depending on the time of day, are helpful. Journaling and also helping others are some ways that I approach soul care. Of course, taking more time to rest helps, too.

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