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      Colleen Steele

      While treating PH you tend to experience numerous medication and dosage changes, not to mention central lines, picc lines and other various forms of administering treatments. Then what you might have over time is a lot of unused medical supplies and medications with no idea of what to do with them. Not wanting to waste what someone else could use, my family donates what we have collected to friend’s of ours, a doctor and nurse team, who frequently travels to the Philippines to provide medical care to those in need. Drugs that can not be shared we drop off at our local pharmacy where they have a locked return bin for unused medications. How do you dispose of your unused medical supplies? Have you found a way to help others with what you no longer need?

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      Jen Cueva

      Colleen, such a great way to help others as we donate these extra supplies!

      I have a cousin, who is a Pastor, he and his family travel every year to Honduras as well as a team from his church, I donate any supplies and medications that they may can use with him. He’s also a Nurse Practitioner, so he leads the team medically and spiritually.

      I also think listing the medical equipment in a PH group where others may need the supplies and can’t afford them. I know I’ve seen this happen in the past, this is not for medications,supplies only.

      With my PH meds I tend to keep them awhile me until I know I won’t be needing them. I’ve changed so many over the years with PH. I’m sure you’re aware as you e dealt with this with your son.

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      Colleen Steele

      Jen, that is so wonderful that you have someone who can take your unused supplies and use them to help others! Your cousin sounds like a very special person who is making a great difference in this world. Something I learned in the process of donating is that some supplies can still be used even past expiration. When donating to a medical professional they know what they can still take and what they can’t past expiration, but I always make sure to point those items out to them.

      Yes, I too have seen people list medical equipment and supplies to varies PH groups. It always feels good to help out someone in our PHamily!

      Your last point is important too! I hold onto medications until expiration or until I am certain they will no longer be needed. I know there have been several times when a doctor has asked, “Let’s try this medication again, do you have any left from the last time so he can start right away?”

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