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     Brittany Foster 

    Lately, in some of the forum topics we have been having discussions about migraines. For some people, their migraines may be triggered by low oxygen levels (especially when managing a chronic lung condition).

    Sometimes I can tell when I migraine is happening because I see an “aura” or get spotted vision an a sharp pain in the back of my head. Some of my triggers that I have noticed in the past include: changes in the weather, particularly if it’s raining outside for a few days, oxygen levels, poor blood circulation, standing for too long and over exertion, going from hot to cold environments, and mental stress.

    What are some of your symptoms of migraines or warning signs? Are there certain triggers for your migraines? Share your experiences in the forums.

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     Colleen Steele 

    Migraines have been a struggle for my son. As a PH patient they were often triggered by dosage changes or adjusting to a new medication. Stress, fatigue, oxygen levels and chest pain also played a huge part. Post transplant he has experienced some similar triggers but more often now they are caused by dehydration. When he starts to feel a headache coming on he knows it’s because he hasn’t been drinking enough water.

    His warning signs are blurred vision and numbness in his body. Personally I struggle with migraines too and before the actual headache I always start to see squiggly lines in my vision. As soon as I see them I take Tylenol and if I catch it early enough I can avoid the headache. Cullen can’t seem to avoid the pain. His warning signs have always progressed rapidly. Doctors have told us that migraines can be hereditary and since both myself and my husband get them, my son probably didn’t stand a chance. Add the medication and health triggers it’s no wonder he suffers so much with them.

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       Brittany Foster 

      That is a lot of things working against him that’s for sure. Especially with the genetic component to the migraines and the medications and medical conditions on top of it. It’s no wonder why they progress as rapidly as they do when there are so many factors that impact them for him. Mine usually come on pretty suddenly too. The worst types of migraines that I have experienced are migraines from Co2 retention. Did you son ever struggle with co2 retention? (I know a few lung transplant recipients who struggled with this and the symptoms from it a lot). When this happens for me, I use my Bipap more during the day and it seems to relieve what I’m feeling in a few hours and I can usually catch the retention before it gets to a dangerous level. Like I said, headaches are one of my warning signs that helps me to catch this before it gets worse. Also, feeling ‘out of it” to the point where it almost seems like I’m not listening and when it takes me a lot longer to process things.

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