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     Colleen Steele 

    As another month is quickly coming to a close your mind is probably jumping ahead to the following one.

    What is on you medical agenda for September? Do you have any new treatments that you will be starting or procedures scheduled?

    Share what’s on your calendar so that we can provide emotional support to you during those times.

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     Carol alexander 

    Hi Colleen.
    Adempas will be raised to 2.5 going to Penn for check up and results of all tests and their were a lot of them problem with a ct scan will have to see where that goes.
    Starting Pulmonary Rehab.
    That’s enough lol

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       Brittany Foster 

      Would love to hear about your pulmonary rehab experience. Is this the first time you are doing it? Will you be with other patients from your PH clinic? I hope your team is able to go over the CT scan with you and decide on a plan of action. Getting that plan can be anxiety provoking and sometimes the “wait” is the hardest part. We are all here to vent to in the meantime!

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      I take Adempas 2.5 and I am doing well. I can’t seem to find any major side effects. I also take Opsumit. I am Doing my third right heart cath tuesday!

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         Colleen Steele 

        We will keep you in our thoughts tomorrow, @christopher-cassata-bobby-shows! I hope the results reflect how well you have been feeling. Update us when you can.

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         Brittany Foster 

        I am thinking of you today for your upcoming right heart cath. I hope this will be able to provide the doctors with the information they need to help treat you ! Really looking forward to hearing about how everything goes. Be sure to update us when you can!

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     Colleen Steele 

    Carol. that is enough for now, lol. Actually, it is best to take on treatments and anything else new, a few at a time. That way if you either improve, have symptoms or get worse, you and the doctor and figure out easier what is causing it.

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       Brittany Foster 

      So true , Colleen! I really dislike doing a lot of treatments at once ! It makes it harder for me and my team to know what is causing more symptoms. Managing things and trying to get the right therapies and treatments can be a long process and a lot of trial and error. As much as we wish we could just snap our fingers and make things better. Unfortunately that’s now how chronic illness works. Hard to accept that sometimes.

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