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      Jen Cueva

      When someone has PH, small tasks like cleaning or any chore can be exhausting.

      Do you find yourself shorter of breath or easily fatigued with each bit of chore? Were you once a fine china person for all meals but now tend to use paper or disposable plates? That would be me, hehe. But I don’t use them daily because now they cost so much.

      What are some of your favorite cleaning or chore hacks? Let’s share our best hacks so we can help others.

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      Aunt Lizzie

      Hi Jen, Well I find that doing a little but often works for me. I don’t try to clean the whole bathroom all at once, just, say, the toilet, or bath. It all works out clean in the end. Some years ago I was being promoted to a more full-on intense position at my work, and a dear friend gave me this bit of advice – don’t handle anything twice. In other words, put things away, wipe things down, vacuum one room. Don’t walk past thinking I’ll do that later, or when there’s more to make it worthwhile attending to. Hope this makes sense to everyone.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @auntlizzie, I love the advice of not doing anything twice. I tend to think, “Oh, I’ll get to that later,” so I relate. Like you, I don’t6 usually try and tackle large tasks at once. I break it down into smaller tasks. I’m also grateful and fortunate that my hubby is an excellent cleaner. He requests to do the larger jobs like bending over cleaning the tub.

        I liked @colleensteele’s tip from her mom to use a mop to clean the showers. I’d never thought of that, and it makes for an excellent tip. Thanks, Colleen. Your tips are essential. You are a caregiver and indeed have seen the limitations some have.

        Thanks to you both for sharing. Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

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      Debbie Moore

      In pulmonary rehab, they said to make the bed most of the way while you are still in it.  While laying there, pull your sheets, blanket, comforter up.  Smooth down the sides that you can reach.  Slid out, fluff pillow.  I have found it looks pretty rough when I do it and then there is still my husband’s side to do.  So sometimes it just doesn’t get made.

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        Colleen Steele

        @debbie that is a great tip I never thought of! Even if it isn’t perfectly made it might pay to do this so you can just slip right into bed at night without having to fix the covers. When you are battling PH there are more important things to focus your morning on than a perfectly made bed.

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