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      Jen Cueva

      Going back to @colleensteele’s post about eating before taking medicines, I wanted to share a few lower sodium snacks deas here.

      I found this list. I have many favorites on their list. I eat carrots and celery with hummus, edamame roasted, popcorn, almonds, and smoothies. I also like graham crackers with PB.

      Do you eat any of these snacks? If not, what are some of your favorite lower sodium snacks?

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc hummus is another good reminder. Cullen use to eat hummus a lot as a teen but hasn’t had it in a while. Maybe I’ll add graham crackers and hummus to my next shopping list and surprise him.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @colleensteele, I was never a fan of hummus until I tried it at a greek restaurant several years ago. I then had to convince Manny to try it- I told him it tastes like a bean dip. He now also enjoys eating it with veggies, baked pita, etc. I like to use pretzels but limit those.

        We usually have it in our fridge. I like the spicy ones, but some have too much sodium. That is when I buy the orib\bnal one and add cayenne and red pepper flake, etc.

        We keep graham crackers. I would not eat them after my hospital trip. They gave me graham crackers several times per day as a snack. I had a big stack in my bags that the tech packed since they were unopened; she threw them in my going home bag along with Boost juice,ughh.

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      Jen Cueva

      After reading the post by Colleen about eating with medications, I remembered one that I left out. Nuts and dried fruits can be helpful as a snack. I often eat it for breakfast. We do need to read nutrition labels to check for sodium in these snacks. Each brand also varies, so check the labels. I find plain dry roasted cashews and dried apricots work well together.

      What about you?

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        Colleen Steele

        @jenc I LOVE dried apricots. The problem I have with them though is they are like chips to me. Once I start eating them I can’t stop and my tummy rebels. They tend to constipate me. More than you need to know…let’s just say moderation is key for me when eating dried apricots.

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          Jen Cueva

          LOL, @colleensteele, certainly not TMI. Often overdoing any food has a negative effect, right? I am like you with chips. But we have a food scale, and I actually package our snacks in mini snack bags. I add dried nuts and apricots or something for mine.

          I think, as my dietician daughter, KK, says, all in moderation. I can do that, well, unless it is chips or chocolate, lol

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      Susi Steppins

      I really need this list.
      Thanks @jenc for posting it.
      Salt intake is a BIG weakness of mine.
      I am so bloated all of the time with water yet I still find myself picking up that shaker of salt.
      I need to really work on this.
      Thanks for the reminder.

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        Jen Cueva

        Hi @s-steppins, I can relate. Several years ago, when I drank more, I had my beer, dressed with salt and limes. I joked with a local PHriend that we traveled with our salt shakers, hehe.

        I have found that cutting my salt intake, using sea salt, and less is more approach. I also add lemon and fresh herbs, etc., when I cook. I love lemon-dressed greens, like a spring mix or arugula. I also like lemon on my steamed asparagus and broccoli.

        Are chips your downfall? Eat a small serving size periodically. If so, limit the serving size and eat in moderation. I hope that you will find some alternatives that you like. I tried several of the Ms dash flavors and never one that I fell in love with.

        Note: we are not medical professionals, and we are just sharing our tips. Your PH team will offer your dietary requirements; we are each different.

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      Susi Steppins

      I have tried the Ms. Dash as well and I am not a fan.
      Chips are not a problem really, which is ironic because I am making frito pies for dinner tonight. LOL
      But that is not something I would normally do.
      I will try the lemon trick.
      Can you tell me if sea salt is not as bad for you? Or is it because the flavor is more intense?

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        Colleen Steele

        @s-steppins your question abut sea salt is a good one. My son is on a very strict low sodium diet due to kidney disease so we rarely cook with salt at all anymore, but when we do it is usually sea salt that we use.

        I personally didn’t know the answer to your question but I found this informative article that compares regular table salt to sea salt. When you get a chance you might want to read it but to directly answer your question, it claims, “According to health experts, the level of sodium in both types of salt is almost the same.”

        Iodized Salt Vs. Sea Salt: An Incredibly Detailed Comparison

        Enjoy those Frito pies. They sound tummy!

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