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      Benila George

      Hey there,
      My father has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. He is now under treatment for that. In addition to that, last week, he experienced severe dental pain. We have tried many home remedies, but nothing made any change. Then we visited a dentist, and the dentist told us that the pain was due to the severe infection in the left molar, and the only solution for this is a root canal. He prescribed medicines to reduce the infection and noted another appointment for next week. Now I’m worried whether the root canal affects him badly! Has anyone in this forum had any prior experience doing a root canal when you were treating hypertension? Please share your thoughts.

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      Colleen Steele

      @benila95 this is an excellent question and I am so sorry it was never addressed. This post for some reason was sent to the spam folder and just found.

      How is your father doing now? Did he have the root canal.

      I don’t have experience with root canal but my son always had to take a preventative antibiotic prior to dentist appointments. Did your father discuss the dental concerns with his PH doctor before seeing the dentist or proceeding with a root canal?

      My son was going to get braces but needed multiple teeth pulled first. Due to his PH and concern with anesthesia, he was going to have them removed in the hospital. But his health declined and he was listed for transplant. You can’t have braces when having a transplant so the teeth pulling never happened.

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      Hey, did your father undergo the root canal? Since there is an infection on his left molar I feel something has to be done before it gets worse. I recently had a root canal and the thought itself gave me a lot of stress. I was in a lot of pain as the tooth was infected badly. My dentist made me very comfortable and asked me to relax. From my experience, a good deal of anesthesia is given to patients to keep that area numb and pain-free. Depending on what anesthesia your dentist uses, epinephrine in anesthesia is a form of adrenaline that makes the numbing effects last for a more extended period, during the procedure. Epinephrine also called adrenaline is a hormone that shrinks your blood vessels, which in turn could increase your blood pressure. Therefore it is better to consult a dentist and share your health concerns with him. The dentist will help and recommend you to cancel or postpone the root canal procedure if he senses any threats to the patient’s health.

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