Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month Is Already On The Move

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Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Coalition for Pulmonary FibrosisThe Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis (CPF), which has chosen September as National Pulmonary Fibrosis Month, recently announced this year’s activities for increasing advocacy and awareness for the disease.

According to the organization, the initiative, now in its 12th year, intends to raise awareness of the disease and gather information in order to support research and drug development in order to make IPF “treatable and ultimately curable.”

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Each year, CPF plans a calendar of activities to drive nationwide attention for the disease, an effort that has been rewarded this year, as “that attention has helped to bring us to this new day of potential treatments and expanded work to find a cure,” as quoted on the CPF website.

National Pulmonary Fibrosis Month activities take place all over the country, but on the 22nd to 26th of September, they will focus on the Capitol Hill.

This year, the FDA will also promote a public workshop “on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient-Focused Drug Development,” planning to gather information on symptoms and the daily impact of the disease, as well as promoting existing approaches for treating IPF.

For the CPF, this event is a major step forward in advocating for the disease, in that it provides an opportunity to speak up for IPF patients and their needs.

In 2014, CPF has the support of several different “partners” in raising awareness for IPF throughout the month.

“The Daughters of PF” are a key participant in National Pulmonary Fibrosis Month, given their reach through social networks where they share alerts and stories about IPF. They also send requests to their local governmental leaders to recognize the importance of the work with proclamations, attend Town Halls, and share information about the disease at every opportunity.

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Also this year, the CPF will hold the second partnered patient education day at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center on the 27th.

The Simmons Center at the University of Pittsburgh also joined 2014 CPF’s activities with a special patient event on September 16th.

For those unable to participate in CPF’s planned activities, the institution suggests participating through social networking, contacting Congressional representatives to ask for more support for PF research and education, and sharing information in small groups.