Chloe Temtchine Launches Music Video Featuring PH Kids

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After being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, the singer Chloe Temtchine and her good friend and songwriter Toby Gad, combined their talents to help raise awareness and funds for the disease. The duo launched a record that became a symbol of the fight, called “Breathe”. As there are no treatments currently approved for children with pulmonary hypertension, Chloe Temtchine and Toby Gad  recorded a music video for “Breathe,” featuring PH kids in the video to help raise awareness for children with PH.

Chloe has been extremely active in spreading the word about pulmonary hypertension, especially through her singing. Watch Chloe’s love declaration to her oxygen tank in a parody video of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” hit song. 

In this video, shared by the singer in her YouTube channel Chloe PHriend, she talks about the launch of the music video which took place on June 18 and makes a pledge for everyone to show their support by sharing it at the same time, creating a thunderclap effect.


Watch the video for “Breathe”, featuring PH kids.

Find out the video for “Let Me Breathe” a song about PH to celebrate #InternationalMusicDay.

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