11 Pulmonary Hypertension Related Diseases

The rare and severe lung disease called pulmonary hypertension (PH) affects the pulmonary arteries, causing high blood pressure. The pulmonary arteries transport the blood from the right heart ventricle to the lungs, but when affected by the disease, they become narrowed and thickened.

The hearts of patients with pulmonary hypertension need to work harder to properly pump the blood, which makes them enlarged, weakened and more susceptible to complications such as right heart failure. It can also be related to other diseases. Learn more about some of these diseases:

1. Lupus-Associated Pulmonary HypertensionLupus-associated pulmonary hypertension can be due to a number of issues.  PH symptoms may involve left heart dysfunction, right heart dysfunction, inflammation of the small blood vessels in the lung, pulmonary embolism (blood clots) or irritation of the area around the air sacs.  Each of these symptoms requires different treatments making lupus-associated PH more complex than PH on its own.

Read more about lupus-associated pulmonary hypertension here. 

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