PH Diet: How Chloe Temtchine Improved Her Life by Changing Her Diet

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When Chloe Temtchine was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension she was told she didn’t have much time left to live. She had been misdiagnosed for five years and when she finally received an accurate diagnosis the disease had already evolved. After she heard those words, she decided not to give up and to cherish every single moment of her life.

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“For the past three years, I have utilized five key elements that I believe have played a huge role in my improvement. They are: nutritional lifestyle, exercise, mindset, creative expression, and quality time with family and friends,” she said. Changing her diet was one of the first things she implemented in her new lifestyle.

In this video from her YouTube channel ChloesPHriend, Chloe reveals how she figured out a new diet, what she should stop eating, and where she could go for support and guidance. She also shares some tips about how others with pulmonary hypertension can improve their health and daily life by making small but important changes in their diet.

Get inspiration from Chloe’s well-being and find out her 5 key elements to improve your health.

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