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      Chloe Temtchine is no stranger to the pulmonary hypertension world. As one of the most active members of the PH community, the YouTube singing sensation uses her popularity to raise awareness of the disease around the world.

      In this video from the ChloesPHriend channel, Chloe shares how a positive and hopeful mindset changed her life, improved her health, and helped her to keep following her dreams and keep living her life at its fullest.

      Watch the video here: “Chloe Temtchine’s PH Story: How Her Mindset Improved Her Health

      What do you think about Chloe’s story? Do you also try to maintain a positive mindset? Like Chloe, you do anything to help raise awareness about PH? Why is raising awareness important to you?

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      Don’t ask me how/why this is, but my PFTs are all in the 40-50% of expected range and I’m not even on oxygen yet. In fact, I put in the work equivalent of 70+ hours a week because I am a 75% full time graduate student and also work full time. I’m lucky that my PHTN is indolent and not due to a progressive condition, which is probably part of the equation.

      I won’t lie though — I know I’m pushing the boundaries. I’m in my mid-30s and “living life to its fullest” is getting harder every day because my already compromised lung capacity shrinks with age just like everybody else’s does. I’ve forgone some activities of daily living (like regular house cleaning) to achieve my goals.

      It’s a big give and take game, just like the rest of life. I try to increase awareness especially with advisors and co-workers, who fortunately for me are all in the medical (or at least science) field. Most are surprised to know that lung disease can happen to people who aren’t elderly and aren’t smokers – And even more surprised that someone they know has one.

      Though what’s maybe more interesting and rewarding is that I use voice training (mostly singing) to improve my breathing technique! That’s a lot more fun than work!

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      Brittany Foster

      Thanks for sharing. It’s so interesting to learn more about you and the fact that you are spreading awareness for lung disease. One of the most rewarding things I have done was when I gave a speech for the American lung association before their air climb fundraiser. It was a great way for me to get up and speak and say “hey all. Lung disease can happen to ANYONE”. People are so quick to judge and assume you are a smoker or unhealthy. When in reality, based on body type alone I’d be pegged for an athlete ! Little do people know is struggle to walk a mile.

      I’m glad you are still able to work. I know that with a decreasing lung function things can sometimes seem so difficult. You’re doing the right thing by making others aware of your limitations and capabilities. Self advocacy is so important. I hope you keep singing for as long as possible!!!!

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