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      Colleen Steele


      There are many reasons that people living with PH can experience memory loss. Medications alone can cause this. But what about lack of oxygen? Do you experience memory loss or have trouble remembering things? Does your doctor think the lack of oxygen is playing a part in this? Please share your experience.

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      Randolph Reynolds

      It is interesting that you brought this subject up because I am certain that when I am off supplemental oxygen I am listless and don’t have the clarity of thought I need. Two years ago when I was put on supplemental oxygen full time the set up was a 75 foot tube from my compressor to my cannula. It was difficult to keep my oxygen concentration up. Over time my short term memory was getting messed up. Very recently I experimented with reducing the tubing length to about 30 feet and repositioning my compressor. My oxygen level improved dramatically. I’m not saying there was an improvement in my short term memory but it seems to be helping. I’ve tried to cut back on medication because I think it has a deleterious affect on the brain. I have also ramped up the oxygen flow from my compressor and from my oxygen tanks. That is particularly helpful in physical therapy for dizziness.

      Probably more detail than you need. Simple answer is yes.

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        Colleen Steele

        @ripple76 the more detail the better. You never know what might be helpful to someone else. I think that is telling how you felt an improvement when you switched to shorter tubing. That is something I never considered when my son was on O2 and now I wonder if the o2 would have benefited him more if we did that.

        May I ask what medications you cut back on? The caregiver in me can’t help but ask, “Did you check with your doctor first”? I do understand your point though and I hope the changes you made has helped you.

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      Alfred Gronroos

      Yup. And when I go get something from the other room. Why am I here? When I was younger I could get a beer and be nonchalant about it. Sorry but I had to do this. Al

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      I experience severe memory problems at least what I would classify as pretty severe. I feel like I still have the low oxygen even though I do stay on two liters 24 hours a day. I have also been told for years that depression affects the memory.
      I just want to throw this out there after hearing people with really long oxygen tubes my oxygen company actually told me that they you don’t want to have more than 50 ft and the reason for this is because once you get past 50 ft you’re starting to get more of the carbon dioxide into the lungs. Carbon dioxide is the enemy for any one who has a diagnosis of copd. Apparently as it was explained to me the further the oxygen travels beyond 50 ft it starts losing its purity which is what causes it to turn into the carbon I don’t know if maybe the people who have different types of lung conditions that breathe oxygen their lungs perhaps maybe can process out the carbon dioxide that they would get from the longer tubes I just wanted to throw this out and see if anybody else has any comments or any thing to say. I could save for COPD at least the shortness of breath is actually the lungs inability to expel the carbon dioxide so without expelling that carbon dioxide there’s no room to bring in the fresh air which is what caused the short of breath. So anyway hope everybody’s doing okay? Yes it was a long post hopefully somebody will have gained something by reading it have a good evening everyone.

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        Colleen Steele

        @kristine posts of any length are welcome here. You have shared very helpful and important information. Carbon dioxide is something PHer’s need to be very mindful of as well. I have know people with PH who have been hospitalized due to carbon dioxide complications.

        I had not heard this concern about oxygen tubing beyond 50ft.. Thank you for taking the time to give us a heads up!

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      The following is something I posted in Activity What’s new Kristine. In case it is off in the land of strange places where my lost correspondence end up. I am pasting a copy here in hopes of guidance..
      So I am confused. I was navigating the site and I don’t remember the correct term for the top row of selections. I chose activity, and see it lists the activity for posts in forums. On top it says what’s new Kristine, and offers me this box to inquire about this issue. When I look for the send button, I see the Post Update button. The following is my question for being here?
      I am trying to determine how to start a topic? I noticed that some topics are started by members and some by moderators. If I understand this forums are only started by moderators?
      I wasn’t sure where to inquire about this. So if this is not the proper place. please advise, along with what is proper to post here?
      Hopefully, this will be sent to the very special place that holds all worldly answers. lol

      Relating to my moments of confusion, memory loss: If it weren’t for my blonde moments, I’d have no moments at all, regardless of what color I dye my hair. funny ha ha

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        Colleen Steele

        @kristine you can post under “What’s New Kristine” but it’s best to respond to comments or start new topics within the various forums available because it gets more views that way. Click on the tab forums at the top of this page and you will see all the sub-forums that are available

        Part of what the forum moderators do is encourage conversation so you will see us posting most of the topics, but members are welcome to as well. In the right top hand corner you will see “search forums”. It’s helpful if you search a topic first to see if it is already being discussed. If it has then jump in and join any of the conversations.

        If there isn’t a topic for it then choose a forum that fits best with what you want to discuss. For example: If you want to discuss a co-existing condition then select the PH and Co-Existing Conditions Forum, scroll to the bottom and you will see where you can start posting a topic.

        Activity shows the most recent topics and conversations taking place but you can re-visit former posts in any of the sub-forums such as “PH and Co-existing Conditions” and comment on anything you wish.


        All of this information set aside…there is no wrong way to post in the PH forums. If you start a topic that has already been addressed – not a big deal. Start a topic in a forum it doesn’t relate to, also not a big deal. And if I have totally confused you, below is a link to the topic, “Tips on Using Our PH Forums” that is probably a bit more clear.

        I’m here to help if you have any more questions. My co-moderator @jenc is in Texas without power but hopefully will be able to join us again soon. She is always very helpful too.

        Tips on Using Our PH Forums

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