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      In her latest column for PulmonaryHypertensionNews.com, Brittany Foster writes about grieving her inability to have biological children, and reflects on how she has learned to move through the feelings of grief toward acceptance.

      Click here to read more from Brittany.

      Can you relate to Brittany’s story? How have you found ways to accept some of the things you won’t be able to experience, like pregnancy, because of your diagnosis?

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      Brad Qualls

      This hits home for me and my wife. My wife Emily was diagnosed with PH after having our second child but we longed for a third until that chose was made for us not to have another. My question is have you had a hard time with adoption agencies saying no since you have a chronic disease?

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        Kathleen Sheffer

        Hi Brad,

        While I’ve not personally gone through the adoption process yet, two of my friends with PH have successfully adopted children – one actually has three adopted children! I think it all depends on the support system your family has. I would guess that the fact that you are already parents, would help convince the agency that you are up for the challenge. Are you thinking of pursuing adoption? I’d love to hear more about your journey with that. My aunt (who doesn’t have PH) adopted her son years ago and I absolutely adore him. So happy he could become part of our family!

        By the way, I am one of the forums moderators and available to answer any questions that come up via private or public message. Thanks for joining our discussion!

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      Hi all,

      My heart feels for the fact you aren’t able to have biological children (and/or do not want to risk passing on genetic problems – as a male that is a concern for me, as well).

      I’ve had at least 2 friends go through the adoption process and it appears they will take physical abilities into consideration. If it’s two spouses adopting and one doesn’t have a life-limiting chronic condition, there’s usually no difference.

      Best of luck, because I know that the only reasonable route to having kids for me is adoption, too.

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        Thanks for sharing, VK. Is adoption something you’re looking to pursue in the near future? I don’t have PH but I have considered adoption as well and I’m curious to hear about another family’s experience.

        I’m Ally, by the way, one of the forum moderators. I’m here if you have any questions or ideas for discussion topics. Thanks for being part of the community!

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      Hi Ally! Great to meet you. I joined the forum back in June but then had a hiatus.

      I’m definitely considering adoption but only after getting married (more points for the agency, too).

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        Kathleen Sheffer

        Welcome back, Vik! Thank you for sharing a bit about your friends’ experiences. I have a friend who is going through the process in Australia and having to get extra documentation from her doctors to prove she is capable. It’s great to hear that agencies will approve people with disabilities who want to adopt children with a spouse. Makes a lot of sense to me as I can’t imagine being a single parent and taking care of myself at the same time.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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