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  • Is Medical Debt Causing Anxiety?

    Posted by jen-cueva on July 5, 2022 at 10:51 am

    It’s no secret that living with a rare disease like PH causes a ton of medical debt. Insurance helps and is a blessing. But still, too often, we are left owing more than we can afford to pay.

    But there are some changes although more needs to be done.

    Recently, the No Surprise Act was enacted and as of July 1, 2022, three major credit bureaus and removing about 70% of medical debt already sent to collection off of consumers’ credit reports.

    These few changes should help relieve some anxiety. Is medical debt causing anxiety for you and your family? Have you heard of the changes above?

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  • jen-cueva

    July 12, 2022 at 12:57 pm

    I must say medical debt causes Manny and me both anxiety. At times, we’ve wondered how we will get through, and we lost a lot of items when I was first diagnosed and couldn’t work. He was also taking off extra time to take care of me. It was a struggle. Some days, it still is.

    I’m grateful for any new laws protecting us from medical debt being held against us and our credit. Payment plans and financial assistance with many things have helped us.

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