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      Jen Cueva

      Often with PH, it’s challenging to get things done. Sometimes, it takes all my energy just to get through the day — to do the bare minimum — like get out of bed and shower, do laundry, or put the dishes away.

      Some think of this as being “lazy” – they don’t understand that we use so much energy, aka “spoons,” on basic activities of daily living that other tasks are often left unfinished. But in our fast-paced, productive society, we are often criticized.

      Wednesday, August 10, is National Lazy Day. How difficult is it for you when others view you as “lazy,”? Do you feel pressure to be productive?

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      I don’t worry too much about others viewing me as ‘lazy’ or anything else, @jenc, but I am far too hard on myself for feeling like if I just push myself enough I could do things like I used to. I’ve always been too hard on myself, but it’s something I’m getting better at. I know I don’t feel well when I push too much now, even with my oxygen on, and I’m getting better at resting when I need to during whatever I’m working on. I still struggle with knowing when it’s a ‘legitimate’ need to rest, or just me not pushing myself enough, but I’m more able to go ahead and rest. Always a work in progress!

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        Jen Cueva

        Oh yes, @dawnt, like you. I’ve always been hard on myself. I still am, but I have been working on this for several years and doing better for the most part. But like you, I still have those days when I push myself or feel like I’m being lazy and need to do more.

        I don’t know if it’s a certain age point or when one has had enough; it’s great not to worry what others think. Don’t you agree?

        But as you mention, we are often the hardest on ourselves. Learning that our body does better when we don’t overdo help but it does take some time and is always a work in progress, as you said.

        I will admit last weekend, when my niece was here, I overdid it and knew it. But I crashed as soon as we got back from the airport, LOL.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I know many, especially in their early diagnosis dealing with others who don’t understand, get the “lazy” comment quite often.

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        Colleen Steele

        @dawnt maybe something that might help you is reminding yourself of something you did either prior to resting or that you know you will do afterward even if it is something small like feed a pet, wash some dishes, pay a bill, fold some clothes, schedule and appointment…count it! Doing something IS something and we often forget that. Or maybe you had a busier day the day before and that counts for “something”.

        It’s always good to hear from you. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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          @colleensteele, what you wrote makes sense. I do the small things, and sometimes that’s enough. I tend to ‘discount’ those small things, but they do count! Some days, it’s enough that I get myself to work and back home! It’s sounding like we may be able to keep our hybrid schedules permanently at work, so I’m hopeful I’ll continue to have those two days a week working from home until I retire in a few years. There are days, though, that just getting through the work day is tiring enough since I have to take along oxygen tanks. It’s so much easier at home, and I love being here with my boys all day.

          I read in another post, Colleen, that you’ve been having some as of yet undiagnosed medical issues.  Please know that I’m thinking of you, wishing you answers very soon and that it’s something easily treatable.


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          Jen Cueva

          Hi @colleensteele, I love that you remind @dawnt and us all that those simple tasks are “something.” I, too often, dismiss many tiny tasks, especially the mundane ones or part of our usual routine.

          For example, Dawn shares that some days, getting ready for and making it to and from work is enough. Those are the tasks that take more out of us than we think. Those all count.

          Those long calls when you’re on hold for someone to schedule appointments or pay a bill, that hold time counts, too. That’s exhausting at times.

          Dawn, I’m happy that you’ll probably get to continue the hybrid work schedule. I know that staying home and being with your boys is where you want to be. It’s much easier. But working part-time remotely, I sometimes miss going into an office. But then again, it’s been almost 18 years since I’ve done that. LOL.

          We do have online video calls, and that interaction helps, too. Do you miss that in-person office interaction on days when you’re at home?

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