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     ronald cole 

    Hi My name is Ron Cole,
    I just read one of Brittney’s Excellent Columns. I was taken back on just how candid and open she is about her life with PH. My fellow PH Dear Friends, we must always remember we have a very serious Disease and it really keeps us from stretching way out there to take risks for better rewards in our lives. I know for me, I am restricted so much. I am older but still think like a younger man, and on good days have huge grandiose plans for doing something creative. The next day I am confined to my chair with oxygen. It’s ok to feel sorry for ourselves because it is the truth. I just want to say that when folks look at us they cannot understand, how can they it not like Cancer where we just fade away. If you hold your head high, that’s a good thing, but if you have days when your head just droops down, that’s not a setback, remember this is a hard Challange God has given us, personally I consider it my penance on this earth and we all will be rewarded after it’s all over, there is no PH in Heaven.

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     Brittany Foster 

    Hi Ron,
    thank you for reading my column and thank you for such a deep reflection and thinking about how it ties into your own life. In my opinion, we have to give ourselves permission to feel bad some days and acknowledge that not all days are what we want out of them. Having a good cry or throwing myself a small “pity party” helps me to move past these sad feelings and concentrate on the things that I am grateful for. I think feeling bad some days can be refreshing, especially on the days when we feel okay, we can appreciate that a lot more. Thank you again for you great feedback and honesty.

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     Iris Alexander 

    Your both spot on. I have my low bad days and my ok days. When I’m in a rut emotionally I try not to linger in it past a day maybe two if it’s particularly hard then I consciously have to drag myself out of it. I don’t avoid it though I let myself have it. When I’m not feeling well mentally or emotionally my symptoms worsen…the brain body connection is real

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       Brittany Foster 

      so true about the mind and body connection. Same goes for when my body is physically off, my mental state just feels so down and out ! It’s a hard thing to pull yourself out of, especially when the body won’t listen when you tell it “enough is enough get it together !”

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